Peace worth a try |

Peace worth a try

Dear Editor,

The anniversary of 9-11 is upon us and I know that people are overwhelmed by it all. There are thoughts in some minds saying, “Why should we remember that horrible day when so many were killed? Just let it go already.”

Yes! We should let go of the negative memories of that day and begin to look forward with a more positive frame of mind. War hit home that day and woke us up. We found that we don’t like war on our home lands. No one does!

If we had a choice to live in peace or at war, I believe that even those who beat the drums of war would choose peace. “Oh … but the world has never been completely peaceful,” I hear some say. Crazier dreams and notions have become a reality during our existence so peace is worth a try.

The Roaring Fork Coalition for Peace is presenting a ceremony in Carbondale in the park on Sept. 11. It is not only to remember victims BUT to speak of ideas of creating a world with less violence, pain, and certainly, no war. There will be music, official speakers and an open microphone for the public to freely express their views.

I encourage everyone to come out and join hands as a COMMUNITY against violence throughout the world. We all must admit that we live in a spectacular part of the world with little to worry about. This gathering is a perfect time for us to exchange ideas of how to create a world that is just as wonderful as our valley.

We tell our children that no dream is impossible as long as we try. Do we forget that lesson as we become adults? Become a dreamer and a supporter for one night and imagine, as a community, the world without war. If we are all lucky, our dream will come true … sooner than we think.

Lynne Cassidy

Glenwood Springs

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