Pedestrian safety around the work zone |

Pedestrian safety around the work zone

Tom Newland
Tom Newland
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Rather than answer a question that we have received, I’m using this week’s column to talk about a subject that is extremely important to the project team — pedestrian safety in and around the project area.

In the coming weeks, the contractor will begin work that involves the use of a large crane and other heavy machinery that will be in the vicinity of designated pedestrian walkways.

Temporary access and detours are provided to ensure safe, unimpeded pedestrian travel.

During the work, people traveling on foot or on bikes need to be mindful of wayfinding and detour routes. Detours that may obstruct a preferred route are in place to protect pedestrians from hazards such as holes, debris, tools and equipment.

Pedestrian signage is designed around safety. When walking downtown, it is extremely important that you read and follow instructions according to signage through the duration of this project. Doing so will provide for your own personal safety and the safety of those with you.

Help us make sure that pedestrian access is maintained and the designated walkways are clear and easy to follow. If you have an idea to make access better, or notice something that could be potentially unsafe, please call or text the project phone line at 970-618-9897 or email us at

Tom Newland is communications manager for the Grand Avenue bridge replacement project. He will answer questions in the Post Independent on most Mondays.

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