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Permit Costs

One of the most commonly overlooked costs are permit costs. Your answer man Chris Striefel has gone to the source for answers to better explain these fees. The following is complicated and illustrates permit fees as calculated by Garfield County. Garfield County like other municipalities uses a system of formulas to calculate a “valuation” or total amount. The valuation amount is used to calculate building permit fees and also plan review fees. The formulas for the valuation are that for every square foot of living space you would multiply by $69. For every sq/ft of unfinished basement space you multiply by $41. A crawl space is calculated at $9 a sq/ft. Garage at $18 sq/ft, uncovered patio/deck at $12, covered patio/deck at $24.

I am going to use a 2,000 sq/ft. living space home with a 1,000 sq/ft unfinished basement, with a 500 sq/ft garage and a 100 sq/ft uncovered deck as an example. The math is 2000×69 + 1,000×41 + 500×18 + 100×12= 189,200. $189,200 is the “valuation” it is from this figure that the permit cost is calculated. The permit cost for a valuation amount between $189,001-$190,000 is $1,497.75 and a plan review fee of $973.54 together the total amount for building fees total $2471.29. For every $1,000 increase in valuation the permit cost increases $7 and plan review fee increases $4.55. A chart of the permit fees is available from the Garfield County Building and Planning office.

Other fees exist for different types of housing. For example, there is a $400 flat fee for placing a new single level manufactured home and a $600 flat fee for a multi-level manufactured home. If you are converting an unfinished space to a finished space the multiple is $28 per sq/ft.

I hope this information proves useful for those of you considering adding on to an existing home or possibly building one new. Please feel free to call your answer man Chris Striefel with any questions.

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