Photo Essay: Lunchtime delight at Rifle’s Graham Mesa Elementary |

Photo Essay: Lunchtime delight at Rifle’s Graham Mesa Elementary

A Harlem Wizard visits 
Graham Mesa Elementary to promote Saturday’s game in Rifle

With a little help from Jones, Graham Mesa fifth grader Matilda Richardson spins a basketball on her fingers during Tuesday’s school assembley during lunch.

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Eric “Broadway” Jones hypes up Graham Mesa Elementary students during lunch Tuesday afternoon in Rifle. Jones is a member of the Harlem Wizards who are coming to Rifle Saturday to play teachers from Garfield Re-2 School District as part of a fundraiser. (Kyle Mills / Post Independent)
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Hayley Sprenger, 5, enjoys the show Tuesday as her mom Lisa videos Eric “Broadway” Jones display his abilities with a basketball. Hayley is the daughter of Graham Mesa principal Brian Sprenger, who will be one of the district employees who will play the Harlem Wizards Saturday. (Kyle Mills / Post Independent)
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Jones gets a big hug from one of the students after performing in front of the school Tuesday in Rifle. (Kyle Mills / Post Independent)
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Jones plays a game of trick-or-catch with Graham Mesa Elementary students. Two of the students won tickets to this Saturday’s game at Rifle High School. (Kyle Mills / Post Independent)
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Graham Mesa fifth grader Jesus Hernandez shows off his moves in front of his class after he was choosen by Eric “Broadway” Jones during Tuesday’s assembly. (Kyle Mills / Post Independent)
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