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Police officer should be held responsible for dog’s death

Hannah Carpenter

Dear Editor,

As many, I am upset with the general cruelty to animals that abounds everywhere. It is funny that if a police officer shoots a dog, he expects to get accepted for it (“the animal was vicious and had to be destroyed,” etc.), but if someone else discharges a gun to kill or maim a dog, that person is in trouble.

The police should get in trouble for it, too! You cannot just take property from the other people if you’re lawful. Killing someone’s family pet is an act of taking property away ” for good!

Where is the court hearing? Where is the trial? Can you really just kill (permanently take away) someone’s property and later claim this and that? Why don’t we just take away others’ property, keep it and claim that “the motorcycle was in my driveway,” or, “I took Mr. Jones’ car because he always drives drunk. He may kill me one of these nights.”

Dogs and animals are still viewed under the law as property. (I hope that changes one of these days). Can Officer Wilks just permanently take a family’s property, never to return it, because “it was running the streets,” etc.?

Perhaps a good lawyer could make a case of this. We don’t have the legal right to take what belongs to others, and that also goes for the police.

I am mad that a dog had a life. Now she is dead forever. Thanks, Officer Wilks.

Hannah Carpenter

Glenwood Springs

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