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Political sign vandalism angers locals

Carrie Click

Tim Kaufman is hopping mad about an outbreak of vandalism to Republican campaign signs in Eagle County this week.”Soldiers are dying so that people have the right to choose who they want to support,” said the Garfield County Democrat. “It’s like they’re stomping on our rights.” Vandals have been destroying Bush and Coors signs posted on private property throughout Eagle County, prompting one landowner, Magnus Linholm, to offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of vandals who chainsawed through Republican signs on his property. Kaufman said he and his mother, Jan Kaufman, have both experienced vandals destroying their campaign material right here in Garfield County. Kaufman said someone in Rifle stole a magnet reading “Hope is on the way,” which was stuck to his mother’s car. He said a bumper sticker reading “I don’t have to like Bush to support my country,” belonging to Tim Kaufman’s girlfriend, was vandalized in the parking lot of a preschool where she works.And in Glenwood, a black tar substance was applied to a bumper sticker that read “Support our troops, Send Bush home” that Kaufman put on his vehicle.”I am really irritated,” he said. “This is very, very wrong. It’s people’s right to support who they choose. Put a sign in your yard, but don’t vandalize other people’s right to choose who they want to support.” Kaufman said both he and his mother filed reports with the Glenwood and Rifle police, respectively. “Whether it’s Democrat or Republican, I condemn this type of destruction,” he said. “It goes against everything that American freedom stands for.” Contact Carrie Click: 945-8515, ext. 518cclick@postindependent.com

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