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Politicians don’t have the only thankless jobs

Dear Editor,

Whenever a reader sends in a letter criticizing a politician or a public servant, as they are called, eventually others write in to challenge that person to run for office. They want us to experience how tough the job is and how thankless it can be. We should try it ourselves they say. They tell us how dedicated these folks are.

You know there are dedicated people performing many, many thankless jobs out there. Did anyone thank those who stood up against the Vietnam War to help end the deaths of young U.S. men and women and the millions of Vietnamese? Damn protesters. Unpatriotic bastards! Many did not like the protesters but those same people were also happy when the war was over!

Does anyone thank the coal miners of today and yesterday who sweat in the dark so we all can burn that coal and relax in the luxury of heated homes and lighted rooms?

I wonder if any of those who challenge the critics want to work in a coal mine so they can see how thankless that job is?

Has anyone thanked those men and women in the sixties who stood up for cleaner air and forced environmental controls on dirty industry? How bout those thankless waiter and waitress jobs and janitors and car wash attendants and ditch diggers and so on.

We are all public servants if you think about it. I do not have to run for public office or be on a board of trustees to be a valuable citizen and make a positive contribution to our society.

I know how hard work is. I work 40-60 plus hours a week myself. I have made a commitment to work towards a cleaner, safer, and more peaceful planet.

Those people who hold the politicians and other “public servants” above the rest of us are just fooled by the government’s own TV media rhetoric about who the heroes are. Many people risk their lives in many jobs every day. They breathe in carcinogenic fumes making PVC pipe, drive on crowded highways, build bridges and skyscrapers, and live next to polluting industries. The list is too long.

We have the right, perhaps the duty, to criticize. Or should we just sit back and listen? Play the fiddle while Rome burns?

Ed Eaton


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