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Pondering our nation’s role in this world

Dear Editor,

As the days and months have passed since that fateful day on Sept. 11, I have often pondered our role as a nation in this world. More importantly, I have wondered what difference we as citizens of the United States can make. Being 27, I wasn’t around when Hitler perpetrated some of the greatest atrocities of man, and I wasn’t around the day J.F.K. was assassinated. I do remember the stories of Vietnam, The Cuban Missile Crisis, Korea, WWII, and WWI as told by family and close friends.

One thing that annoys me is to be told to be quiet because I am too young to know any better. Just because I haven’t witnessed all the historical events of this nation doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion of our current state of affairs. I love this country as much as the next person, and I am often reminded of how extremely lucky I am to have the rights and freedoms that have been given to me. Unfortunately at times I question the actions of our elected leaders.

Listed below are some questions I would like everyone to consider and form their own opinions, separate from the corporate-media-drenched world that we are exposed to:

1. Why are we really involved in the Middle East?

2. How much of our interest revolves around oil?

3. How did past U.S. involvement help bring Osama to power?

4. Why have we given unconditional support to Israel?

5. Are we not hypocrites if we march our armies down the streets of Baghdad?

6. How do we continually justify the invasion of other countries, assassinations of leaders, putting leaders of our choice in command, and not call it terrorism?

7. How long will we have the “do as I say, not as I do” attitude towards other governments?

8. How can we as Americans turn a blind eye, thinking everything is just fine?

9. When will we once again be a nation by the people for the people?

All that I ask people to do is think. Question what the media tells you. Ask the politicians that you elected why they do what they do. Stop and wonder how many pockets have been padded in our government to get the results that a few people want. Don’t let the actions of a few be the voice for everyone.

Daniel Roper

Glenwood Springs

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