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Pour on the decibels

Dear Editor:

In response to Steve Smith’s letters on April 5 and 10.

I find it quite interesting that Steve feels that an influx of cash from this event would make us nothing more than money changers.

Glenwood Springs is a tourist town. The money from tourism is Glenwood’s existence. No small thanks to the GWS chamber of commerce, one of the best in the country.

Talk to your neighbors Steve. How many of them would be here without skiers, sightseers and tourists in general? This includes “bikers.”

Noise, Mr. Smith? It’s all about noise.

Stand on Grand Avenue at 5 p.m., noon or 7 a.m. and just take in the serenity Glenwood Springs offers amidst the trucks, trains, buses, cars, and, yes, motorcycles.

Glenwood Springs is prosperous because of the roar reverberating off the canyon walls. Probably the most congestion between Denver and Salt Lake City.

It’s all about noise, but the agenda of the Harley event is to leave town every day. The Rolling Thunder will be here only to fill the hotels, restaurants and night spots, i.e., fill Glenwood’s coffers.

It’s all about noise. Maybe we should cancel the fireworks. Maybe even Strawberry Days. Come to think of it, we could outlaw lawn mowers and snowblowers, a major annoyance to us all.

It’s all about noise. Do you have a toy that makes noise? We could expand the agenda to outlaw snowmobiles, powerboats, four-wheel drives and even get those pesky ATVs, dirt bikes and jet skis while we are at it.

It’s all about noise and we are talking about the Fourth of July. I for one hope to make lots of noise.

Considering the events of 9/11, I would hope we would all join the Harley guys, be proud to be an American, wave flags, and make lots of noise with our fellow Americans.

It’s great to be free.

Yes, Mr. Smith. It is all about noise.

Bob Alexander


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