Prep Football All-League Teams |

Prep Football All-League Teams

Kelley Cox Post Independent

Back of the Year

Reeve Sanders, Sr., Battle Mountain

Lineman of the Year

Quinn Zamora, Sr., Palisade

Special Teams Player of the Year

Mike Mills, Sr., Glenwood Springs

Coach of the Year

Damon Wells, Rifle

First team

Cody Beauford, Jr., Rifle

Brandon Kittle, Sr., Rifle

A.J. Cordova, Sr., Rifle

Ryan Moeller, Jr., Rifle

Alex Copeland, Sr., Rifle

Taylor Webb, Sr., Rifle

Reeve Sanders, Sr., Battle Mountain

Chris Libertini, Sr., Battle Mountain

Tim Liccardi, Sr., Battle Mountain

Eric Weiss, Sr., Battle Mountain

Jake Engle, Sr., Battle Mountain

Zach Guida, Sr., Battle Mountain

Carl Hamrick, Sr., Battle Mountain

Quinn Zamora, Sr., Palisade

Luke McLean, Jr., Palisade

Ronald Kuntz, Sr., Palisade

Caden Woods, Jr., Palisade

Mike Mills, Sr., Glenwood Springs

Michael Brunk, Sr., Glenwood Springs

Levi Fetterhoff, Sr., Glenwood Springs

Cam Avery, Sr., Glenwood Springs

Brandon Campbell, Sr., Delta

Taylor Smith, Sr., Delta

Miguel Molina, Sr., Moffat County

Michael Samuelson, Jr., Moffat County

Dylan Baltierrez, Sr., Eagle Valley

Ayren Hart, Jr., Eagle Valley

Ben Custer, Jr., Steamboat Springs

Honorable mention

Hugo Ruelas, Jr., Rifle

Zach Bare, Soph., Rifle

Adam Rice, Jr., Rifle

Javier Nunez, Soph., Rifle

Marco Gutierrez, Jr., Rifle

Paton Lovett, Sr., Battle Mountain

Jordan Harrison, Sr., Battle Mountain

Sawyer Bluhm, Sr., Battle Mountain

Rylie Babcock, Sr., Battle Mountain

Daniel Salazar, Sr., Palisade

JT Townsend, Sr., Palisade

Jeremiah Watson, Sr., Palisade

Henry Hill, Soph., Glenwood Springs

Brian Ochoa, Sr., Glenwood Springs

Alex Standish, Sr., Delta

Robert Williams, Jr., Delta

Mitch Whiteside, Jr., Delta

Jasiel Garcia, Soph., Delta

Alfredo Rosales, Jr., Delta

Miguel Ramirez, Sr., Delta

Tyler Hildebrandt, Jr., Moffat County

Bubba Ivers, Jr., Moffat County

Andy Armstrong, Jr., Eagle Valley

Evan Hornstein, Sr., Steamboat Springs

Christian Ramirez, Jr., Steamboat Springs

Top linemen

1. Carston Byers, Sr., Olathe

2. Miguel Barajas, Sr., Cedaredge

3. Trae Moxley, Jr., Roaring Fork

4. Tito Gamboa, Sr., Basalt

5. Andy Howard, Sr., Gunnison

Top running/defensive backs

1. Quinn Morehead, Sr., Aspen

2. David Witt, Sr., Grand Valley

3. Willy Corey, Sr., Olathe

4. Zach Mobilian, Sr., Basalt

5. Phil Gomez, Sr., Roaring Fork

Kicker of the Year

Bertillio Garcia, Jr., Basalt

Coach of the Year

Ryan Corn, Olathe

First team

Casey Hornburg, Jr., Aspen

Quinn Moorehead, Sr., Aspen

Jake Nugent, Sr., Aspen

Ben Karbank, Sr., Aspen

Tucker Beirne, Fr., Aspen

Danny Schwartz, Jr., Aspen

Ben Kaylor, Sr., Olathe

Taylor Carlson, Sr., Olathe

Willy Corey, Sr., Olathe

Ronnie Mumm, Sr., Olathe

Carston Byers, Sr., Olathe

Joe McCracken, Sr., Olathe

Zach Mobilian, Sr., Basalt

Tito Gamboa, Sr., Basalt

Tanner Banc, Soph., Basalt

Jonny Medrano, Jr., Basalt

Tyler Shultz, Sr., Basalt

Drew Bair, Sr., Basalt

Trae Moxley, Jr., Roaring Fork

Phil Gomez, Sr., Roaring Fork

Trent Reeds, Sr., Roaring Fork

Johnny Nieslanik, Jr., Roaring Fork

Teddy Benge, Sr., Roaring Fork

Brent Hazzard, Sr., Coal Ridge

Ty Weller, Sr., Coal Ridge

Cole Zywiec, Jr., Coal Ridge

David Witt, Sr., Grand Valley

Trent Reidle, Jr., Grand Valley

Garrett Smith, Sr., Grand Valley

Tyler Scott, Soph., Grand Valley

Tanner Zimmerman, Jr., Grand Valley

Miguel Barajas, Sr., Cedaredge

Luke Wieben, Sr., Cedaredge

Carter Wasser, Jr., Cedaredge

Tylor Balistreri, Sr., Cedaredge

Jesse Duft, Sr., Gunnison

Connor Clark, Sr., Gunnison

Andy Howard, Sr., Gunnison

Honorable Mention

Joey Vernier, Sr., Aspen

Jake Gallaher, Jr., Aspen

Brendan Wagner, Sr., Aspen

Duncan Elise, Sr., Aspen

Jake Kissell, Sr., Aspen

Cameron Siewruk, Jr., Aspen

Eric Pace, Sr., Olathe

Casey Childs, Sr., Olathe

Miguel Ramirez, Sr., Olathe

Cole Grett, Sr., Olathe

Blaine Sinks, Sr., Olathe

Troy Rose, Jr., Olathe

Anthony Aguila, Jr., Olathe

Josh Andrade, Jr., Basalt

J.R. Krueger, Sr., Basalt

Austin Schneider, Jr., Basalt

Rory Mackey, Sr., Basalt

Edwin Meraz, Jr., Basalt

Hayden Quintana, Jr., Basalt

Hayden Denton, Jr., Roaring Fork

Landon Bailey, Sr., Roaring Fork

Alex Mini, Sr., Roaring Fork

Brandon Cruz, Jr., Roaring Fork

Tanner Gianinetti, Sr., Roaring Fork

Ryan Blackard, Sr., Coal Ridge

Marco Hernandez, Jr., Coal Ridge

Alex Sanchez, Jr., Coal Ridge

Devan Williams, Jr., Coal Ridge

Stephan Padilla, Jr., Grand Valley

Trever Smith, Sr., Grand Valley

Jake White, Jr., Grand Valley

Eddie Pena, Sr., Grand Valley

Chris McGruder, Sr., Grand Valley

Drew Beach, Sr., Cedaredge

Joe Laird, Sr., Cedaredge

Reid Gates, Soph., Cedaredge

Dante Markley, Jr., Cedaredge

Caleb Wilson, Jr., Gunnison

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