President Bush will take war profits to Saudi Arabia

Sharon Robyn

Dear Editor,

What an excellent letter on Nov. 4 by Mr. Chester McQueary, Re: Bush and Co. deliberately creating the financial crisis we face! It should be included with every presidential ballot next November and ready for anyone who will listen until then.

As people begin to ask just what really was the rush to war in Iraq, given the administration’s reasons are bunk, maybe the Bush-Cheney and Co. are building a sort of retirement community for themselves called “new Iraq.”

After all when they finish eviscerating the U.S. Treasury, jobs, social fabric, economy and environment, why would they want to live here? They’ll take their fat profits, dividends, off-shore businesses, and cheap labor along with war profiteering and move next door to their friends, the Saudis, and live like sultans, too. All it cost was American tax dollars and blood, and some extended suffering for Iraq.

We and our families will be left holding the proverbial bag, watching as Fox covers the grand opening in Baghdad of the Bush-Cheney and friends’ “Mall of Arabia,” with more coming soon.

God have mercy on us all.

Sharon Robyn


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