Presidents don’t have that much influence on economy |

Presidents don’t have that much influence on economy

David Petechuk

Dear Editor,

The problem with die-hard Democrats and Republicans is that they are so busy bashing each other and blindly following party dogma that they ignore the facts and are unfair to the other side.

Kent Wright’s analysis is surely an example of unfairness. President Clinton took a country deep in debt and balanced the budget by making many program cuts. President Bush I lost re-election because of the economy.

The economic growth we experienced during the 1990s was not because of Bush I or Clinton, but primarily because a new technological advance called the Internet fueled enterprises and created jobs. The economic mess that began on President Bush’s current watch was partly due to the Internet companies finally having to prove they could make money.

As for the current president’s truthfulness, his administration are deceivers. For example, they speak gloriously about his clean air initiative while eliminating crucial safeguards and allowing power companies to expand with little concern about pollutants. How does that improve the air? There are reams of studies proving that people suffer from serious health problems associated with particulate air pollution, especially children with asthma.

David Petechuk


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