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Shannon Stowes prom story:Stowe attended her first prom as a junior at Alameda High School in Lakewood. She remembers she had just broken up with her boyfriend two weeks before prom.I ended up taking a sophomore that was unheard of then, taking an underclassman, said Stowe, president of SDS Mortgage Corporation in Glenwood Springs. I remember because he didnt have his license, I had to drive.Arriving at her dates house, Stowe said he was waiting with a bouquet of roses, a corsage and a box of chocolates.His mom made me come in and take pictures, she said. I remember they made me feel like a queen.Stowe said taking her younger friend from drama class turned out well for her first prom experience.That was probably the best prom for me because he was just a friend, she said. We got to dance and joke and have fun.And what became of the dumped boyfriend? He was a dateless prom king.My ex-boyfriend ended up being there and he was prom king but he was alone because it was too short notice, Stowe said. At the time, the prom queen was whoever was the kings date, so I missed out on that because I broke up with him. That was probably the worst of the best prom I had. He ended up not being with anyone, and I think he danced with a teacher or a student council member who felt sorry for him.The difference between prom then and now:Stowe said her high school had a fancy affair outside of Denver, but didnt have an after-prom party.When prom ended at midnight you went home. We rented limousines, too, but we didnt have our hair professionally done. And we held ours at the Green Center at the School of Mines, she said. We always had butter mints. I was on student council and we had to make them, but I would never eat them. It wasnt the most sanitary way to make mints. It was usually during Student Council meetings with a bunch of boys making them, too.

Keighley Voorheis prom story:A junior at Glenwood Springs High School, Voorheis is attending prom Saturday with friends Madeline and Sean, who are not a couple.My friends from Denver are coming into town and are going with me, she said. I know them through Key Club.Instead of a date, Voorheis said prom is much more enjoyable with friends.You have more fun that way, she said. If you go with one guy they might not want to dance.Last year, Voorheis went to prom with her friend Matt and dancing was an integral part of the evenings agenda.I lost my shoes for a long time because all the girls threw their shoes in a big room and danced barefoot, she said. None of the girls knew whos shoes were whos.Girls arent the only high schoolers who follow todays trend of going to prom stag with a group of friends, Voorheis said.Theres a group of guys, like seven of them, all going together, she said. I think theyre going to McDonalds for dinner.Voorheis and her friends are planning a more upscale dinner before prom.Were going to Russets in Carbondale for dinner, Voorheis said.The difference between prom then and now:Voorheis said the lack of a date doesnt mean sitting at home alone with a pint of Ben & Jerrys and a box of Kleenex like proms of yore.It seems like back in the day no one would go without a date, she said. Now it seems like most people now go with friends or in a group.Then theres that party-after-the-party.We go to APE (GSHSs After-prom Extravaganza) until about 2 or 3 a.m. Then people go and get more food and stay up all night, she said. Last year we went to the Village Inn and we all had pancakes.

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