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Put school at Peach Valley site

Dear Editor,

What a subject the Peach Valley residents have raised about the new high school project. I in some ways can see their point. They don’t want their lives invaded. They spent hard-earned money on the possibility of living a quiet and peaceful life in a neighborhood unsurrounded by public development. It seems to be a troubling issue all over the valley. Lots of people moving in and buying a little piece of heaven in the valley and the next thing a big boom of others wanting to build a box store or a school.

My question is, why was the issue not raised years ago when the land was purchased? It has been in place for years, the people who bought here knew a school was eventually going to be built some day. Only now has the issue been brought to the attention of the public. “We don’t want a school in your front yard and do not welcome any more growth in your neighborhood.” The property was purchased years ago, and I am sure money and lots of effort by the school system has been spent on the development of a new school over these years. Now is a good time to bring the issue up when in fact it should have been brought up in the time past.

This valley has long been forgotten when it comes to no more growth. We are an expanding people, and we will always need room to grow. You have all needed a place to call your own, and now you want to say to others you can’t do this. It may not be my property they are building in front of, but by golly, it was my money that helped buy it in the start. I, like others, thought at the time it was a likely spot to put a school, the property was purchased and sat on until the time arose for its use. I still like the site and I for one am in favor of keeping this parcel for the new school.

Walt Gould


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