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Putrid politics in Carbondale

Dear Editor,

On Feb. 12 I witnessed perhaps the most putrid display of town politics in Carbondale’s history. Several times I had to change the TV channel just to make sure that I was not watching Judge Judy.

Randy Vanderhurst’s obnoxious behavior resembled that of a little brat who was not getting his way. His verbal tirade directed at the Mountain Folks for Global Justice was unfair, unnecessary and misdirected. He lashed out, mainly because he did not want to hear any more public comment, about how sorry he was that Mountain Folks had not given up on their proposed ordinance change while he was on a two-month hiatus. A much too short hiatus in my opinion.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with another’s idea or approach to such issues does not warrant acting like the village judge and jury. My dad would have said, “Who died and left you boss!”

I am proud of Susie Darrow for challenging “The Big Boss Man” and sticking up for those Carbondale citizens who wanted to have their turn to speak. Pro or con. A right provided by our Constitution.

I wonder if Randy has any idea how much time and effort Mike Chamness and Bob Schultz and many others in town donated towards the interests of Carbondale residents. In an effort to help shape the town’s future, they brought up new, fresh ideas, stimulated dialogue and really did their homework.

Randy and Andy Montoya are obviously hung up on the “status quo” mentality and look at people who are sincerely concerned about the town’s well-being and quality of life as nothing more than pain in their butts. Comfortably numb would describe their attitudes.

Randy is not the type of mayor I want representing Carbondale. I hope people from other towns were not watching. It was embarrassing.

I am glad the election is coming up so I can vote for someone else to be our mayor.

One would hope that our trustees would have recognized that this is a very important issue for the town and would have had the common sense to let the town residents decide what to do. Put it to a vote. Especially if you are going to disregard your own Planning and Zoning’s recommendations.

Of course, some of the trustees, not all, would have to let go of their massive egos and face up to the fact that they represent the people of Carbondale. All the people. Or is just their town?

Ed Eaton


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