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Q & A with Carbondale Trustee candidates, part 2

Jeremy HeimanSpecial to the Post Independent

Carbondale voters will chose five members for the towns Board of Trustees in the April 6 election. Profiles for candidates Stacy Patch Bernot, Lynn Burton, David Clifford, Ed Cortez and Russ Criswell appeared in Thursdays edition. The remaining six candidates are profiled today.All profiles can be found on the Post Independents Web site: http://www.postindependent.com.

Age: 42Occupation: Self employed, partner in Western Slope Fencing Inc.Previous elected offices: NoneVolunteer projects: Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission; Carbondale Mountain Fair Board of Directors; Three Rivers Little League; Carbondale Middle School Accountability Committee; former Cub Scout den leader; former Girl Scout assistant leader; former member Crystal River Elementary School Accountability Committee.Years in the community: 10Family: Not married; daughter Rosie, 13 and son Tommy, 11.Why are you running for this seat?Im running because Id like to take my public service to the next level. I want to be an involved and informed citizen.What are the three biggest issues facing your community? Managing the towns growth. We need to increase our sales tax base. And I think the town should keep moving forward to improve our recreational amenities. Not only do they serve our residents, they bring other people to our town.What do you hope to accomplish in this position?I hope to achieve a positive direction for growth, a direction that secures Carbondales future for its children and its residents, as a healthy community.What makes you the best person for the job? I believe I have good leadership and teamwork skills, an honest interest in diverse opinions, and the willingness to work with respect and integrity for the good of the town.

Age: 56Occupation: Manager, Colorado Resource Management; former general contractor.Previous elected offices: Carbondale Town Trustee, 1982-1992Volunteer projects: Board of Directors of Carbondale Public Education Foundation, board of Roaring Fork Education Foundation, Garfield County Planning and Zoning Commission, organizer of the Carbondale Invitational Golf Tournament for 25 years.Years in the community: 28Family: Wife, Georgia Chamberlain; daughters Olivia Foulkrod, 25, and Catherine Foulkrod, 21.Why are you running for this seat? The current trustees, though they have produced some good results, have become dysfunctional because they are split on issues. I feel that I can act as a bridge between the two sides on those major issues.What are the three biggest issues facing your community? Growth versus small town quality and affordability.Keeping the current level of services.Balancing the budget and balancing existing open space with future development.What do you hope to accomplish in this position? I would hope to help the board run more efficient meetings and create a dialog among new trustees that will promote respect. I intend to help formulate decisions in the best interest of the town, to evolve consensus, guiding the town in a good direction.What makes you the best person for the job? I bring to the table some historical perspective, with 10 years of experience as a trustee. I dont think the issues are different now, just larger. Some people say were facing the most critical decisions ever. But the most critical time for the town is always now.

Age: 42Occupation: Mother and transportation consultantPrevious elected offices: NoneVolunteer projects: Member of the Carbondale Economic Development Council; volunteer for Friends of the Library, Advocates for Carbondale Education; Parent-Teacher League. Numerous volunteer projects through the years.Years in the community: 5Family: Husband, Colin Laird, daughter Fiona and son LiamWhy are you running for this seat? I want to advance smart economic development with an approach that preserves and builds on our communitys assets, uniqueness and sense of place, provides stability for town finances and provides quality jobs. I want to advance several capital improvement projects: beautification and safety improvements to the Highway 133 corridor and gateway to downtown, extending our regional trail system east and west of Carbondale and linking with the Crystal trail.What are the three biggest issues facing your community? Polarization of views about big commercial development and the paralysis caused by this polarization.A town budget struggling with flat revenues and projected deficits.Lack of a cohesive economic development strategy that moves beyond the polarization and can lead to tangible improvements in areas of agreement.What do you hope to accomplish in this position? I hope to develop a positive plan of action for how to strengthen our economy and address fiscal challenges, with measurable goals and specific action items. I want to increase citizen involvement in town government and community decision making, create a less contentious, more positive atmosphere and develop more efficient development review procedures.What makes you the best person for the job? I am a hardworking, dedicated community volunteer and I bring a range of professional experience and approaches that will be useful to the board and town government at this critical time. I have the perspective of a working mother with two kids in Carbondale schools, an important perspective that has been missing on the board.

Age: 42Occupation: Structural engineerPrevious elected offices: NoneVolunteer projects: Little league coach, Roaring Fork High School golf coachYears in the community: 16Family: Wife, Rene Maggert, twin boys Bryant and Lee, 19, son Taylor, 17Why are you running for this seat? The current council isnt balancing the budget. Id like to see a little more retail infrastructure, so people who live in Carbondale can shop here, rather than traveling to other towns to shop.What are the three biggest issues facing your community? The budget, the lack of retail, and Carbondale should return to a small town atmosphere, rather than being a residential suburb for other towns. There was a time when you could live and work and shop in this town.What do you hope to accomplish in this position? A balanced budget, more retail stores, and a community atmosphere.What makes you the best person for the job? Im not a politician. I think Ill look at things in a fresh way. Im a libertarian, so Ill bring to the table a viewpoint of less government rather than more government intervention.

Age: 56Occupation: Certified Public AccountantPrevious elected offices: NoneVolunteer projects: Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission; Carbondale Environmental Board; executive director, R.H. Crossland Foundation.Years in the community: 6Family: Wife, Carly Merriott, daughter Shiloh, 9Why are you running for this seat? I came out of college starry eyed, wanting to make a difference, but I got involved in my career. Ive now come full circle, and I think this is a way I can do some good. I want Carbondale to keep the small-town feel it had when I moved here and provide the best possible environment to raise our daughter.What are the three biggest issues facing your community? Id like to see Carbondale have a visioning process, so we can determine what the majority of citizens really want the town to be. We need to get our financial affairs in order. I think thats going to take a combination of solutions. We need to work to maintain our small town character and scale. This is a special place we are entrusted with.What do you hope to accomplish in this position? I want to get a good idea what the citizens want the town to be, and build on our comprehensive plan and core values. I want to get Carbondales finances into a shape where we dont have to cut jobs and services when theres a downturn in the economy. We have to look at not only sales taxes, but fees, and perhaps property taxes. The other thing is to help to end the divisiveness in the community that was caused by the Marketplace issue.What makes you the best person for the job? I have financial skills that I think would help get us through these budgetary concerns. Anything I get involved in, Im passionate about. I want to do my very best. I think its good to have a sense of humor, too.

Age: 41Occupation: Senior account executive, Sport ObermeyerPrevious elected offices: Five years as Carbondale trusteeVolunteer projects: member, Parish Council, St. Marys of the Crown; 4-H volunteerYears in the community: 19Family: Wife, Anna Maria Whalen, daughters April, 25, and Catherine, 12, and son Mark, 24.Why are you running for this seat? I feel theres still a lot of work to be done. Five seats on the Town Board are up for election. With a new town manager to be hired, its a critical time to have trustees with some history.What are the three biggest issues facing your community? Right now, filling the town manager position and economic development. One of the biggest problems we face is that the citizens need to come together and establish a unified voice as to the direction we want to go.What do you hope to accomplish in this position? I want to hire a town manager that fits our town and works well with staff. I want to see continued economic development, bring in new businesses, and help existing businesses to prosper. I want to facilitate the process of gaining clarity as to the towns goals.What makes you the best person for the job? Im sure there are a lot of good candidates, but I hope people will recognize I have experience and good working relationships with the town staff. I have the ability to look at all sides of an issue and to work with the other members of the board as a team.Contact Jeremy Heiman: 945-8515, ext. 534jheiman@postindependent.com

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