Questioning Glenwood fire expenditures |

Questioning Glenwood fire expenditures

Dear Editor,

This letter is in regards to a recent letter submitted by another concerned citizen regarding the extravagant spending of Chief Piper of the Glenwood Springs Fire Department.

We have consistently seen his presentations for equipment and remodels and have yet to see them be even close to the budget that was predetermined. As for the new fancy equipment, is it truly what we needed in this community or is it total overkill?

We certainly want our firefighters to have comfortable accommodations, but this seems excessive. In watching council meetings I have yet to see where he was correct in the dollar amount to be spent, and he wants more money again. I think the citizens of Glenwood Springs need to investigate and wonder about where all this money is actually being spent and why.

Chief Piper, did you come here from the big city? Are you concerned with our town and the pertinent concerns here or do you just want to look good? I think you just want to look good!

As stated in a previous letter to the editor, the previous equipment passed all tests/standards required but was not the color that was your preference. I was also impressed with the idea of developers paying their way, but I would strongly discourage using the charges for the fire department. I believe $4 million should have been sufficient for a town of our size.

Maybe personal agendas should be set aside. Our community deserves more consideration. I again encourage City Council to think about our children and families – a community pool, playing fields – something we can all enjoy! (Personally, I prefer the theater.)

Since I am writing this, there is another issue I am concerned about. This is the lack of volunteers or personnel to actually cover a major emergency.

We have extravagant equipment, but there are less volunteers and available personnel to tend to a fire or accident. For those of us who have lived here a long time, just remember the Rocky Mountain Natural Gas explosion. What good does all the high dollar, great-looking equipment do us with no one to actually man the controls or go into the burning building as rescue persons?

Does Glenwood Springs know that there are only a handful of active firefighters who respond to a call? There are not enough people to efficiently cover a major problem, and yet your focus is bigger and better equipment. Your concern should be for the community and the people who make this their home and want to feel safe.

Did you budget money for more paid persons or do we just hope nothing major happens?

I have inquired as to the number of volunteers available, and it is my understanding there are less than 12. (Please correct me if this number is wrong.) I also stopped by your job fair booth at the mall and listened as you explained the recruit idea. Has anyone been placed in this capacity? Do they live in our community? I think it’s time to consider what is truly important – stop spending needlessly – think about who we are and what we really require.

City Council, please evaluate the turns this department seems to be taking. Thanks for listening. Just one more question. Is it true Chief Piper requisitioned $1,000 for a set of dishes?

C. Carrington

Glenwood Springs

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