Re-2 considers 9-week-on, 3-week-off school year to boost achievement |

Re-2 considers 9-week-on, 3-week-off school year to boost achievement

The Garfield County Re-2 School District has formed a committee to study school calendar options that boost student achievement, according to Kay Vasilakis, district spokeswoman.

The idea is to shorten the long summer break, when students lose some of what they learned the previous school year, and to provide breaks throughout the year.

“It is not year-round school,” Vasilakis said.

An initial proposal calls for a four-quarter cycle of nine weeks of class followed by three weeks of break. The summer break would be seven weeks long to round out the year.

During each of the four breaks, one week of optional enrichment and catch-up classes would be offered. Students could decide whether they want to take an extra class or take a longer break.

The school district will still provide 174 days of instruction for students, as it has in the past, Vasilakis said. No student contact days will be cut from the calendar.

“This is not set in stone. This is what it could look like,” she said.

The district took an initial step in this direction in adopting a transitional calendar for the 2002-03 school year. It will be distributed in the schools soon, and parents are urged to save it for planning.

On April 25, a committee of educators will meet for an all-day session to explore the idea of the four-quarter cycle. Public meetings will likely follow, Vasilakis said.

Those serving on the committee are Roy Moore Elementary Principal Mark MacHale, Rifle High assistant principal Kevin Aten, Riverside teacher Heather Knighton, Esma Lewis teacher Carol Knop, Rifle High teacher Brenda Liesman, Roy Moore teacher Carolyn Anderson, Kathryn Senor teacher Betty Rahn, Wamsley teacher Margaret Becker-Simms, Rifle Middle teacher Joyce Wizer, bus driver Clint Buninger, Kathryn Senor secretary Tina Bingman, parent Ed Allen and Vasilakis.

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