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Readers Say Thanks

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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

This letter is to thank the new superintendent of Roaring Fork School District, Diana Sirko.

I had noticed for several months that the flags in front of Glenwood Springs High School were worn out and in need of replacement. I tried more than once through the Roaring Fork School District office on Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs to find the person who is responsible for maintenance, specifically of the flags, because they were not being flown properly as well as being in need of replacement.

I was transferred to a voice mail and left a message and after a few weeks tried again to find someone who would admit to some responsibility and was told “that is not my job” and that the district is on summer vacation.

I thought, there must be someone who takes care of the grounds, and after a second rejection decided to try the superintendent of Schools and got Diana’s name and phone number. I called her, left a voice mail and got a very prompt call back at 11 in the morning.

I explained my concern. I am a former U.S. Marine and have a lot of respect for flying the United States of America flag as well as the State of Colorado flag, and those flags in front of the high school were a disgrace.

She listened to me very carefully and said she would call Larry Estrada, who is the director of maintenance and transportation for the Roaring Fork School District. At 2 that same day, she called me back and said the replacement was under way and that I would probably get a call from Larry when the task was complete. That call had just ended when Larry called me and said that both the U.S. flag and the State of Colorado flag had been replaced.

I only want to properly thank Diana for doing a superb job even though it was not her personal responsibility. If this is an example of the kind of “get things done” person Diana is, we are in for some great years ahead in her leadership in the local school district.

Thanks again Diana for getting the flags replaced and flying again.

Joe Llewellyn

Glenwood Springs

I write to express heartfelt thanks to the many employees, professional acquaintances, and the many residents of the county who supported me during the past seven months and who made my work as county manager both meaningful and rewarding in the past 14 years.

I have always told people who ask that the reason I enjoyed my work at Garfield County was because of the endless variety. One minute I could be working on getting flu shots for kids and the next minute I would be working on a technical issue at the airport.

That kind of job does not often come along in one’s career, and it made my work a pleasure. Of course, the other thing about the job was the fact that I truly felt I was making a difference in my community. That is a reward that is rare in most work settings and it is what makes public service so satisfying.

I want to offer a special thanks to my staff and to the employees of Garfield County for their support over the years. They were the ones who made our county successful in its many endeavors. I also want to thank the many human service organizations that assisted me in delivering needed services to our residents. Without them, we could never have offered the depth and breadth of services that our county is noted for.

In that regard, I must offer a special thank you to Deb Wilde and the entire staff of YouthZone. They were the ones there every day for Linda and me during this difficult transition. They demonstrated to me why they are successful in their work by taking the time to pay special attention to a couple trying to make sense of this dramatic change in our lives.

This summer, Linda and I are setting up shop in a new community – North Palm Beach, Fla. I am the village manager and am already being challenged by an entirely new set of issues to address. North Palm Beach is a beautiful community with gorgeous neighborhoods, waterways with access to the Inter-coastal and the Atlantic, and an incredible country club and golf course.

It is exciting to bring my experience and expertise to a new work setting, and we look forward to exploring another part of America. But as you all know, it is hard to beat what we have here in western Colorado. Linda and I plan on returning home to Rifle when we retire. So this is not goodbye forever, but farewell until our work is complete. Until then, may God bless all of you and may we someday see each other again.

Ed Green

North Palm Beach, Fla.

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