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Readers Say Thanks

Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

The Danse Arts Theatre Company would like to thank all the members of the community who attended our recent production of “Alice in Our Wonderland.” All the dancers put on another amazing performance.

A huge thank-you to our sponsors: Jamin Heady-Smith, Glenwood Dance Academy, Glenwood Springs Post Independent, city of Glenwood Springs, Karol Mehan, Evelyn Gilstrap and Tom Schickling.

The show couldn’t go on stage without the fabulous production crew of Bob and DeAnna Anderson, Wayne Pleasants, Ed Zinn, Dina Duckworth, Danielle Yost, Susan Rill, Melissa Zinn, Sarah McKinley, Gran Farnum Printing, Becca Schickling, Digital Dimensions Photography, Dreamwood Designs Woodworking, Two Rivers Video and Fred’s Hardware.

Thanks once again to all the advertisers in our program, the numerous volunteers, Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts, Glenwood Springs High School, and the parents who support their dancers each day.

A special thank-you to all the Danse Arts Theatre and Glenwood Dance Academy dancers. You made the production of “Alice in Our Wonderland” a joy to watch.

Michele Zon

Danse Arts Theatre Company board of directors

A letter of thanks. Last Friday morning while driving deep in Glenwood Canyon, a rock came off the mountain hitting my left rear tire and causing it to explode. I was able to make it to a call box, and within 10-15 minutes a crew arrived (CDOT? County?), diverted traffic, and changed my tire for me under very dangerous conditions. I wish to thank them for getting me back on my way safely and for their courage and quick response.

Kathleen Campbell

Estes Park

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