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Readers Say Thanks

Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

wanted to let everyone who helped me on the day of my accident, March 27, and afterward, how very thankful I am to you. The gratitude and thankfulness in my heart for you is overwhelming, and I truly believe that I wouldn’t have made it had it not been for you and all of the care you gave me. All of you who rendered aid to me were so professional, compassionate, loving, and kind to me.You gave of yourselves to help me, and my words are so small compared to what you did.I want to personally thank the search and rescue crew, Lanny, Rick, James, Tom, Juanita, Jody and Wyman. West Care Ambulance crew Paramedic Jenny and Mike. The flight crew, Mike, John and one other crew member. I’m so sorry I did not get your name. Even though the weather was inclement, your expertise and flight skills allowed you to land.You all knew just exactly what to do to save my life, and I will forever be grateful to you.I would also like to thank our friends that were with us, as well as the passersby who also stayed with me the whole four hours until Care Flight was able to land and I was flown to the hospital.F.C., Jackie, Josh, “Uncle” Bob, and Dale and Tina who also loaned their snowmobile to Paramedic Jenny to bring her out first so she could start medical treatment. You all took off your own coats and packed them around me to keep me warm, and went up to the tree line and collected small pine branches to build a pine tarp to keep the snow off of me. You gave me all of your hand, foot and body warmers to try and keep me warm. I wonder how many warmers the doctors, nurses and staff in the ER actually found all over me.I would also like to thank the three snowmobilers who stopped to help retrieve my sled out of the hole. I’m sorry, I don’t know your names.I would like to thank my wonderful surgeon, Dr. Derkash, and all of the nurses and staff in the emergency room at Valley View Hospital who cared for me. I would like to again thank Dr. Derkash and your nurses and staff in your office for all of your professionalism and kindness for my follow-up visits.I would like to thank all of the nurses and staff on the fourth floor at Valley View Hospital who cared for me. I couldn’t have asked for anymore more professional, knowledgeable, loving and caring during this whole ordeal.Thank you, Chaplain Patty Harris, for coming to see me, praying with me, and blessing me with your visit. Also, thank you, Marcia Provost, so much for the beautiful prayer shawl you made and gave to me.You were all so wonderful. I owe you my life, and I love all of you, each and every one.Thank you to all my family, friends and church family for all of your prayers and visits. You know how much I love you.And to my beautiful husband, Wes, thank you so much, dear, for putting your life on hold and your kindness to care for me 24 hours a day. I will forever love you.Please forgive me if I forgot anyone; I didn’t mean to.Sincerely and from my heart,Sally A. Clugston

Hi Bob (Johnson), My family and I would again like to thank you and all the businesses that made our weekend possible. We had a great time. We fell in love with Glenwood Springs, the people there are so friendly and courteous. Even the ones that didn’t know we were with Operation Vacation. We hope to visit Glenwood Springs again in the near future. Fin’s and Juicy Lucy’s, the food was awesome, the staff was excellent. Roger, thanks for the plane ride and the scare of a lifetime, ha ha, that was awesome to see the mountains and your beautiful town from a very different view. Sunlight Mountain Resort, now that was something very new to us, and the bruises we acquired from you guys. The lady from the office, I did not catch your name, thank you for helping us with the clothing we needed, otherwise we would not have been able to enjoy your beautiful mountain resort. The Hot Springs and Vapor Caves – well, ya stink, but you’re awesome; never in my life have I experienced what you had to offer. I can’t wait to use these again. To the ladies at the Spa, you guys are wonderful, so welcoming and inviting I could have stayed and visited with you all day, I have never been to a spa where they want to actually talk to you and make you feel at home.I know I am going to miss someone or a business to thank, but know that you all have touched our lives in some way or another and we thank each and every one of you.Bob keep up the good work. What you do means a lot and will forever make a difference in someone’s life. May God continue to bless you, your family, and the work you do, so that you can continue to bring a little sunshine into the lives of families.Thank you,The Estrada family

The Roaring Fork Relay For Life thanks Timbo Pizzeria in Basalt, New York Pizza in El Jebel, Uncle’s Pizza in Carbondale, Mike Marcucci & Pepsi Beverages Co. in New Castle, and Independence Run & Hike in Carbondale for their generous donations to fight back against cancer. Their support for the 2010 Relay For Life Kick Off Meeting helped everyone in this valley celebrate more birthdays.Thanks for your generosity.Ann Keeney, event chairRelay For Life of the Roaring Fork

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people and organizations to express my gratitude and appreciation for their support this past year.One year ago, after a day of testing related to my celiac disease and a colitis condition, I returned to Valley View Hospital with extreme nausea and dehydration, along with what I thought was a pulled muscle in my chest. It was not until I reached the ER that evening when the pain had spread across my chest and into my left shoulder, did I realize that I was having a heart attack. After I was treated and stabilized in the ER, I spent the early morning hours in the cath lab with Cardiologist Dr. Frank Laws and his staff cleaning out clots near my heart. It was determined that I still had clots remaining in what was termed an “ominous position.” That afternoon, I was transferred by helicopter to St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction for bypass surgery the next morning with Thoracic Surgeon Dr. James Narrod and his staff.The care that I received at both hospitals was excellent, and we are fortunate to have these facilities on the Western Slope. Thanks to the ER staff, Dr. Laws and his cardiology team, the Cardiac Care Units, Tom and the helicopter pilots, Dr. Narrod and his surgical team, and all the nurses and other staff members that saved and touched my life while I was under their care for seven days.Thank you to our church family from Church at Carbondale for all of your prayers and unwavering support, which was evident with your visits, flowers, and a constant presence with Barbara and our two girls. Thanks to the Scott and Nancy DeWind family for taking care of Nilsse, Stina and our dog Maya while Barbara was by my side at St. Mary’s. Thank you to all of you that sent cards and e-mails, called me, and provided meals upon my return home. Thanks also to my neighbor Whitey for mowing our lawn during last year’s wet spring.Thank you to my employer, SkyWest Airlines, for granting me a medical leave of absence for five weeks and then accommodating my work schedule for seven more weeks until I received a full medical release. Thanks to those of you with whom I work for the flowers, cards, e-mails, calls and hugs. Thank you also to my partners with Pitkin Portage Skycaps at the airport – Mike, Doug and Paul – for covering for me while I was out for 12 weeks.The biggest thank you goes to my wife Barbara and daughters Nilsse and Stina, who provided the love, prayers, inspiration, and motivation for my recovery. I love you and am truly blessed.Jim (Petey) PetersonMissouri Heights

April is Volunteer Appreciation month. It’s again time to thank so many in the community for the continued support of our beloved patients and families. Sometimes it “takes a village” to fully support and treat those at the end-of-life.Thank you to Stacie Durrett at the Salvation Army for providing clothing, dog food, help with utilities, and room and board for our pt’s in financial distress. Thank you to the Aspen Community Foundation, which paid for lodging for one of our homeless pt’s so we could better care for her. Thank you to City Markets in El Jebel and Glenwood Springs for providing holiday meals. Thank you to the Antlers Hotel for donating sheets. Thank you to the Harmony Chorus for singing at the bedside of a patient on his 63rd wedding anniversary, and for volunteer Nandis Lowther who organized women from their church to provide their anniversary dinner. Thank you to the eighth-grade class from Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork who took on the project of creating and hand-dying beautiful silk scarves for our pt’s. Each child went into the home of a patient, and presented the scarf as a gift, along with a verse or a song. I was so impressed with their maturity, grace and reverence. Thank you to Lisa Schultz, and the At Your Service group from Church of Christ in Glenwood, for providing supportive services to an actively dying patient and his wife so he could remain in his home.Hospice of the Valley has a volunteer program rich in talent, headed up by Sean Jeung, who go above and beyond on a daily basis. Al Cunningham can always be counted on to move furniture, and install handicap upgrades to accommodate patients. Lindsay Trowbridge is building a website for a patient so his memory will live on long after he is gone. Thank you to the volunteers who make the adored Remembrance Bears and prayer shawls. Our volunteers will also sit vigil at the bedside around the clock for those actively dying who don’t wish to be alone. They will also help patients write their life reviews, and write letters to distant relatives.We strive to help our patients fulfill their final wishes. One patient recently went to Blackhawk, and we were able to work with Mt. Evans Hospice to be on-call for her. Not only did they agree to help, but they upgraded the patient’s room, and arranged to have meals provided.I want to thank the assisted living facilities in the area – Open Gate, Harmony House, Whitcomb Terraces and Crossroads – for contacting us, and allowing us to partner with them to support their residents so they could remain in their homes. These facilities and their staff are wonderful, and it has been a pleasure.It never ceases to amaze me, and it warms my heart, the amount of generosity and giving there is in this community. We as an organization supporting those in a very special time in their lives, look forward to many more years of collaboration and partnership.The next volunteer training program will be held in Glenwood Springs starting April 26. For more information contact Sean Jeung at (970) 544-1568.Lesa Russo, clinical supervisor, Hospice of the ValleyMarkey Butler, executive director

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