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Readers Say Thanks

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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

As I sit down to write this letter of thanks, I am so humbled by the community that I live in. Each and every one of you who participated in the event are loving and caring people, and should stand up and take pride in what happened on March 1 for Myka Yellico.

The outpouring of love and goodwill to help and support Myka and her family was overwhelming. We live in a special valley and we all should take pride that in our weakest economic times, we came together as a community, put everything else aside and made this event a huge success.

I have done events in the past, but I never saw the turnout or love that filled my restaurant, the Riviera Supper Club, on March 1.

I would like to thank Missy Yellico, who asked us to be a part of this and believed in us and let us stage and run the event as we knew how. Also thanks to Deb, our shining star, and Tony and Angela, who donated food.

I’d also like to thank Jane, Jen, Bonnie, Thomas B, Gran Farnum, Print Works, Kat, Dave, Rick, Lisa, Charity, all of the artists and all of the hundreds of people and businesses who donated items. You all know who you are, and I thank you. To all of you who came out and bid on items and ate lunch or dinner, or who simply donated, thank you.

Thank you to my staff, Amanda, Naviil, Suzanne, Amy, Reuben Jr. and Sonia. To our chef, Rueben, we could have not been a success without you.

Abbey Walters spent countless hours soliciting and collecting donations. Thank you, Abbey, for never complaining and having the fortitude to keep going, for never taking no for an answer, and for tolerating me.

Most of all, thanks to Myka and Jim for bringing us together. This is a testament to you and the love Glenwood Springs holds for you and your families. God bless you.

Glenwood Springs, we stand tall as a community and nothing can change the love and unity you have just displayed. Pray for Myka.

Colleen Stuart

Glenwood Springs

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