Readers Say Thanks |

Readers Say Thanks

The Garfield School District Re-2 would like to thank Matt Briney, Piceance Operations Superintendent, and ExxonMobile for their generous donation of $10,000 to support the math and science programs in the district. This is the second year that ExxonMobile has provided financial support for the math and science programs within Garfield Re-2.

Additionally, Garfield Re-2 would like to thank the Clough Foundation for its generous donation of $42,000 to support the purchase of new band uniforms at Rifle High School. The Clough Foundation supports Garfield Re-2 through a number of venues including multiple scholarships for Rifle High and Coal Ridge High School students.

“We are very grateful for the support of organizations such as Exxon Mobile and the Clough Foundation. Their generous gifts help our district continue to provide quality programs and services to the students of Garfield Re-2,” Birdsey said.

Additional contributions from Ryan and Elizabeth McKenzie,the Cecil G. and Jessie L. Deardorff Memorial Trust, Williams Production and American National Bank have also supported the RHS Band program.

Theresa Hamilton

Director of Districtwide Services

Garfield School District Re-2

Crystal River Elementary School would like to thank the Aspen Thrift Shop for its financial support of our efforts to involve and include parents in their children’s education.

Our teachers provide monthly Academic Nights for families. During these events we help parents understand how they can help their child, how our school system works, give them ideas for activities they can do at home, and make games and activities to reinforce what they are learning in school. In addition, we offer suggestions on how parents can motivate their kids and how to structure time at home.

Research is clear that when parents are fully engaged in their child’s school experience, the likelihood of their child’s success is greatly augmented. Our children love it when their parents attend Academic Nights with them, and everyone comes away having gained something of inestimable value.

Due to the current budget reductions, we don’t have enough resources for these Academic Nights. The money received from the Thrift Shop will pay teachers to plan and implement the events and allow us to buy supplies needed during the events, such as math supplies, books and raffle prizes.

We will also be able to provide free child care so parents can attend and focus on their older children. We will be able to provide these services for approximately 250 students this year.

Since we could not offer these opportunities without the funds that Aspen Thrift Shop contributed, we would like to express our sincere appreciation. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, and the Aspen Thrift Shop has embodied that saying in their actions.

Karen Olson, Principal

Crystal River Elementary School


My husband was diagnosed with widespread cancer on Nov. 21. The support from so many people has been amazing. We want to thank them all and we will.

However, there is one gift we cannot say thank you for because it was anonymous.

On Dec. 22, Diane Welter from Your Friends for Life called and told us she had a gift from someone. She doesn’t know who it was and didn’t know what the gift was. They only said they wanted it to go to a family that was recently diagnosed with cancer.

I guess they’ve been through it and realize how unraveling it is. We spent every dime we had just getting diagnosed, and obviously have a long road ahead.

The gift envelope said “To a Special Family,” and it contained a gift card for $200 at Wal Mart. They made it possible for us to have Christmas for our children and each other.

We have been so blessed by this person, as well as many others. We can’t begin to say how heartwarming it has been for us, and how grateful we are.

From “A Special Family,” we wish to convey our deepest gratitude for this person’s blessing. They made our holidays happy!

Debra Way

David “Robert” Brown and family


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