Real Estate Transaction 5/14 |

Real Estate Transaction 5/14

Seller: James D. Kellogg and Kristen KelloggBuyer: Aaron S. Munch and Katie L. RosemanLocation: 317 Cottonwood Drive, SiltPrice: $192,000Date: March 10, 2004Seller: David Michael Saylor and Heather Anne SaylorBuyer: Cesar Mata and Veronica Tarin-MataLocation: 1118 Vitos Way, CarbondalePrice: $255,500Date: March 10, 2004Seller: Kelly L. Bates and Emily F. BatesBuyer: James D. Kellogg and Kristen KelloggLocation: 293 Lupine, New CastlePrice: $252,000Date: March 10, 2004Seller: George E. McGill and Kay N. McGillBuyer: J&M Investment Co.Location: 112 Pioneer Court, CarbondalePrice: $0Date: March 9, 2004Se Seller: Jennie A. Marcotte and Raymond E. MarcotteBuyer: Jennie A. MarcotteLocation: 164 Current Drive, New CastlePrice: $0Date: March 8, 2004Seller: Douglas A. JonesBuyer: Marilyn E. Workman and Mary E. FingerLocation: 262 E. Tamarack Circle, ParachutePrice: $138,000Date: March 10, 2004Seller: Lynd InvestmentsBuyer: Gil V. Lynd and Blythe L. LyndLocation: 2954 County Road 113, CarbondalePrice: $0Date: Jan. 12, 2004Seller: Michael Fuller and Barbara FullerBuyer: Sheryl C. MahoneyLocation: 37 Maroon Place, CarbondalePrice: $230,000Date: March 5, 2004Seller: Barbara V. ChesneyBuyer: Public Trustee Garfield County Brenda YaterLocation: 0204 County Road 301, ParachutePrice: $145,000Date: March 12, 2004Seller: Aspen Equestrian Estates LLCBuyer: Dean A. BramletLocation: 0057 Corral Drive, CarbondalePrice: $2,000,000Date: March 11, 2004Seller: Marianne Ackerman AIF Edwin J. Allen and Sheila A. AllenBuyer: Harvey D. Telinde and Joan TelindeLocation: 1527 Blake Ave. # 211, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $140,000Date: March 15, 2004Seller: Klomhaus and Waller Inc.Buyer: John L. Ackerman and Marianne AckermanLocation: 334 S. 9th St., RiflePrice: $139,700Date: March 15, 2004Seller: Klomhaus and Waller Inc.Buyer: Edwin J. Allen and Sheila A. AllenLocation: 332 S. 9th St., RiflePrice: $136,800Date: March 15, 2004Seller: Klomhaus and Waller Inc.Buyer: John L. Ackerman and Marianne AckermanLocation: 330 S. 9th St., RiflePrice: $139,700Date: March 15, 2004Seller: Land Discovery Inc.Buyer: Hagemann Builders Inc.Location: 426 Hitching Post Post Lane, New CastlePrice: $64,000Date: March 12, 2004Seller: Kenneth L. MelbyBuyer: KLM Properties Inc.Location: 823 Grand Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $0Seller: Karen L. TratiakBuyer: Paul M. treadway, Trina Ortega, Michael Gueriera and Lauren GuerieraLocation: 1126 Blake Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $215,000Date: March 12, 2004Seller: Roy A. Jennings and Sharon K. JenningsBuyer: Richard S. Quisenberry and Nancy J. QuisenberryLocation: 1050 Wheel Drive, CarbondalePrice: $240,000Date: March 9, 2004Seller: John J. Hofecker and Janice L. HofeckerBuyer: Donald E. Beagley and Linda L. BeagleyLocation: 240 N. 13th St., SiltPrice: $60,000Date: March 10, 2004

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