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Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Douglas R. BoylesBuyer: Braeburn Real Estate Development LLCLocation: Lot B, Boyles Subdivision Exemption, CarbondalePrice: $0Date: April 29, 2004Seller: Barbara M. OlsonBuyer: Kenneth R. OlsonLocation: 410 Garfield Ave., CarbondalePrice: $0Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Howard Curtis GosnellBuyer: Todd Eugene WagnerLocation: 000332 Cottonwood Drive, SiltPrice: $167,500Date: June 2, 2004Seller: Warren K. Lenard and Josephine S. LenardBuyer: Anne F. GentryLocation: T7S, R103W, NW1⁄4 NW1⁄4 Sec. 10, about 16 miles north of MackPrice: $21,000Date: June 1, 2004Seller: Walter William KretowiczBuyer: Mindy S. HermanLocation: 9680 County Road 335, New CastlePrice: $291,000Date: June 3, 2004Seller: John HuebingerBuyer: Ralph R. & Edna C. Sample Matital TrustLocation: 560 Birch Court, RiflePrice: $218,900Date: June 3, 2004Seller: Wendy Attaway and Terry M. HallBuyer: Scott W. HughesLocation: 0049 Juniper Lane, ParachutePrice: $157,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Donald Jay Jousma and Anne Patricia JousmaBuyer: Roy L. Fazzi and Shawna C. FazziLocation: 530 Mineota Drive, SiltPrice: $255,000Date: June 4, 2004Seller: Crystal River LPBuyer: Burkholder Homes LLCLocation: 4006 Crystal Bridge Drive, CarbondalePrice: $250,000Date: June 3, 2004Seller: Brigitte H. Kurash and Walter A. KurashBuyer: Julie A. ChristiansonLocation: 1442 Oak Way Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $750,000Date: June 7, 2004Seller: Robert J. TobiasBuyer: Christopher C. Lee and Rebecca L. LeeLocation: Lot 1, Zelenka Subdivision Exemption Plat, SiltPrice: $109,000Date: June 4, 2004Seller: Clublodge Inc.Buyer: Aspen Glen C-10 LLCLocation: 0540 Diamond A Ranch Road, CarbondalePrice: $355,000Date: June 3, 2004Seller: Dieter Martin and Deborah C. MartinBuyer: Steven Shute and Janette ShuteLocation: tract in T5S, R89W, SW1⁄4 SE1⁄4 Sec. 35, TBD Sunny Acres Road, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $136,000Date: June 4, 2004Seller: Secretary of Housing & Urban DevelopmentBuyer: Randy G. JacobsenLocation: 126 N. 5th St., New CastlePrice: $0Date: June 2, 2004Seller: Frances Fletcher HoffmanBuyer: Michael J. BacaLocation: 118 Current Drive, New CastlePrice: $199,500Date: June 7, 2004Seller: Matthew J. Swain and Kristin B. SwainBuyer: William M. Zilm and Doyle P. LikelyLocation: Lot 26, Sunlight View II Subdivision, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $102,000Date: June 4, 2004Seller: Jason C. EdwardsBuyer: Bruce A. Baker and Cathy M. BakerLocation: 110 W. Tamarack Circle, Battlement MesaPrice: $126,000Date: June 4, 2004Seller: B. Bert Gonzales and Connie GonzalesBuyer: Rosemarie NowacykLocation: 615 Ponderosa Circle, ParachutePrice: $155,000Date: May 26, 2004Seller: Rosalie Marie ShawBuyer: William DavisLocation: 0058 County Road 216, RiflePrice: $380,000Date: June 4, 2004Seller: Derrick Masimer and Emily M. MasimerBuyer: Leigh Ann EvansLocation: 275 W. Capital Court, New CastlePrice: $198,000Date: June 7, 2004Seller: Crystal River Limited PartnershipBuyer: Gilbert E. Holt Jr. and Claudia T. HoltLocation: 200 Crystal Canyon Drive, CarbondalePrice: $200,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: QBL LLC dba Quality Builders LimitedBuyer: Robert A. Baxter and Gillian BaxterLocation: 606 N. Bridge Drive, CarbondalePrice: $579,000Date: June 8, 2004Seller: Robert W. Chatmas aka Robert Whitten ChatmasBuyer: Nathan D. MoffattLocation: Lot 14, Amended Plat of Glenwood Highlands Estates, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $109,000Date: June 9, 2004Seller: Lakota Canyon Ranch Development LLCBuyer: Jeff BaileyLocation: Lot 18, Block I, Lakota Canyon Ranch, Filing No. 2, New CastlePrice: $126,500Date: June 8, 2004Seller: Long Beach Mortgage Co. AIF Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. fka Bankers Trust Co. of California Trustee Long Beach Home Equity Loan trust and Asset Backed Securities Corp.Buyer: Dean Alan BaconLocation: 10089 County Road 133, CarbondalePrice: $399,900Date: May 13, 2004Seller: Gregory J. Tamburello and Anne E. TamburelloBuyer: WSJ LLCLocation: 800 Railroad Ave., RiflePrice: $175,000Date: June 9, 2004Seller: Thomas J. Kroboth and Janice M. KrobothBuyer: Vance Kier, Joan Kier, Thom Toler and Camille TolerLocation: 11101 County Road 117 #9A, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $150,000Date: April 30, 2004Seller: Kevin B. Schneider Trust and Kathleen C. Schneider TrustBuyer: Stephanie Dietrich and Michael DietrichLocation: 138 Ptarmigan Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $580,000Date: June 10, 2004Seller: Stephanie Dietrich and Michael DietrichBuyer: EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.Location: 6544 331 Road, SiltPrice: $610,000Date: June 7, 2004Seller: Studio 3 Land Co. LLCBuyer: Charles W. Hammond and Carolyn E. HammondLocation: 1724 Stocton Road, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $219,900Date: June 4, 2004Seller: Frey Construction Inc.Buyer: Don Schoon Construction Co. Inc.Location: 2033 Morningstar Drive, SiltPrice: $61,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Renee J. MeierBuyer: Nora E. KolleckLocation: 990 Glen Oak, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $269,500Date: June 4, 2004Seller: KPM SS3 LLCBuyer: Todd Leahy, Kristine Leahy and James A. GornickLocation: 121 S. East Ave., New CastlePrice: $445,000Date: June 10, 2004Seller: John A. Hier and Melissa L. HierBuyer: Fritz Anthes and Vanessa RomanusLocation: 041 Stagecoach Circle, CarbondalePrice: $319,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Cerise Ranch LLCBuyer: Peter K. DolanLocation: Lot 36, Cerise Ranch Subdivision, Phase 2, CarbondalePrice: $210,000Date: June 10, 2004Seller: Crystal River LPBuyer: Victor Torell and Ellen M. TorellLocation: 4032 Crystal Bridge Drive, CarbondalePrice: $149,000Date: June 10, 2004Seller: Thomas J. Lafrenz and Cecilia A. LafrenzBuyer: Peter J. Yee and Lynn E. YeeLocation: Tarct 29, Antlers Orchard, TBD Lafrenz Lane, RiflePrice: $149,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Richard L. Witt and Gladys M. WittBuyer: Douglas A. Denio and Lynne S. DenioLocation: 25 Buckskin Circle, New CastlePrice: $82,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Todd James Gressett and Holly H. GressettBuyer: Todd James Gressett, Holly H. Gressett and Winona HoffmanLocation: 20 Sunflower Loop, CarbondalePrice: $0Seller: Douglas Rich McDilda and Laura W. McDildaBuyer: Aspen Equestrian Estates LLCLocation: 37 Corral Drive, CarbondalePrice: $1,045,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Thomas P. Young and Suzanne K. YoungBuyer: Douglas Rich McDilda and Laura W. McDildaLocation: 375 Oak Run Road, CarbondalePrice: $550,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Anne A. DenneyBuyer: Sandy D. ReganLocation: 634 Lariat Loop, New CastlePrice: $220,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Douglas L. Farris, Sylvia M. Timmermans, Doris C. Moser, Emily C. Trujillo and Estate of Reva Lucille FarrisBuyer: Hans K. Lindbloom and Susan M. FriedmarLocation: 167 Garfield Ave., CarbondalePrice: $240,000Date: June 4, 2004Seller: Rifle Retail Ventures LLCBuyer: Anchor Real Estate Development Inc.Location: 615 Wapiti Court, RiflePrice: $375,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Long Family Investments LLLP and Roger E. LongBuyer: D and S Investments LLCLocation: 104 and 106 N. 8th St., SiltPrice: $232,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Glen H. Roschewski and Mary E. RoschewskiBuyer: Rifle Properties I LLLPLocation: 234 Railroad Ave., RiflePrice: $180,000Date: June 10, 2004Seller: Paul B. Ritter, Connie J. Ritter and Jessica A. RitterBuyer: Roger A. SweeneyLocation: 740 East Ave., RiflePrice: $151,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: WSJ LLCBuyer: Savage Land Co. Inc.Location: 1431 Fir Court, RiflePrice: $30,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Savage Land Co. Inc.Buyer: Jay and Norma Miller TrustLocation: 1431 Fir Court, RiflePrice: $270,200Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Frank P. AlamenoBuyer: Frank P. Alameno and Marianne T. AlamenoLocation: 2980 County Road 311, New CastlePrice: $0Date: June 8, 2004

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