Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Village Homes of Colorado, Inc.Buyer: Stan Redfern and Jacqueline WheelerAddress: 4231 Fanning Place, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $364,554Date: February 29, 2007Seller: David G. FirmanBuyer: Dafter School House LLCAddress: TBD Cactus Flats Road, CarbondalePrice: $200,0Date: February 27, 2007 Seller: Sonshine II Construction & Development LLCBuyer: John Eric Charlesworth and Tara L. CharlesworthAddress: 993 East 18th Street, Rifle Price: $300,087Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Paradise Builders of Colorado LLCBuyer: Jose Lara and Maria LaraAddress: 831 West 26th Street RiflePrice: $275,000Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Paul Rosette and Linda RosetteBuyer: Ernie M. Coats and Judy L. CoatsAddress: 3220 Coal Mine Avenue, RiflePrice: $249,000Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Russell Rauman and Rose RaumanBuyer: Frank Reynolds Sarah Sterling TomkinsAddress: 449 Fairway, RiflePrice: $315,000Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Brian E. JohnsonBuyer: Christina SullivanAddress: 1430 Ballard Avenue, SiltPrice: $295,000Date: February 30, 2007Seller: 8 Angles LLCBuyer: John Figueroa and Jason VarianAddress: 1287 Stoney Ridge Drive, SiltPrice: $376,000Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Grand Valley Homes, Inc.Buyer: Fred BakerAddress: 165 Creek Street, ParachutePrice: $240,900Date: February 26, 2007Seller: Bradford R. Shaefer and Sandra D. DeaneBuyer: Fredy Argueta Cabrera and Vilma J. Trejo SortoAddress: 613 Cowdin Drive A&B, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $457,000Date: February 30, 2007Seller: David B. Smith and Brenda J. SmithBuyer: Don Laisure and Pam PayneAddress: 401 County Road 150, GypsumPrice: $500,000Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Justin Manzanares and Adela SanchezBuyer: Daniel W. Ritschard and Judith E. RitschardAddress: 51519 C-51 Highway 6 & 24, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $140,000Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Joe W. LuterBuyer: Douglas J. Wight and Sandra LeeAddress: 8313 County Road 245, New CastlePrice: $525,000Date: February 28, 2007Seller: Neil A. CarterBuyer: Rebecca L. Moller and Mathew J. Kinnee Address: 907 Wheel Circle, CarbondalePrice: $394,000Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Block B LLCBuyer: Stuart Lapsley LindamoodAddress: 633 North Bridge Drive, CarbondalePrice: $934,163.72Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Linda A. WilsonBuyer: Kurt Kornreich and Helen KornreichAddress: Lot 40, Roaring Fork Mesa, CarbondalePrice: $129,000Date: February 29, 2007Seller: Jess P. WiseBuyer: Rob R. Buirgy III and Diana J. PearsonAddress: 1608 Ballard Drive, Silt Price: $259,900Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Grace Homes Construction Inc-DBA Grace Homes Real Estate & Construction, Inc.Buyer: Dale E. Barrick Jr. Address: 0012 Cliff View Circle, ParachutePrice: $204,728Date: February 26, 2007Seller: Robert T. Devan Buyer: Ira S. JaffreyAddress: TBD Blackhawk Drive, New CastlePrice: $126,90Date: February 30, 2007Seller: PM LLCBuyer: Jose Antonio Hernandez and Mary Kay HernandezAddress: 2420 Pioneer Way, RiflePrice: $252,00Date: April 2, 2007Seller: Savage Land Company LLCBuyer: Travis W. Cartmell and Shanti E. CartmellAddress: 1882 Anvil View, RiflePrice: $249,550Date: February 27, 2007Seller: Mathew W. Goff and Lorna Dawn MiyakeBuyer: Michael G. Waski and Eileen M. WaskiAddress: 307 Columbine Drive, RiflePrice: $281,000Date: April 2, 2007Seller: Battlement Mesa Land and Development Company LLCBuyer: Robert D. Rowlands and Richard E. RowlandsAddress: 15 Raptor Court, Battlement MesaPrice: $75,300Date: February 30, 2007Seller: Robert W. Hines and Laura B. PierpontBuyer: Michael A. Bennett and Janice E. BennettAddress: 778 Huebinger Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $175,000Date: April 2, 2007Seller: Melvin G. Hanson and Patricia L. HansonBuyer: Larry Metzger and Mary MetzgerAddress: 549 Wagon Wheel Circle, New CastlePrice: $519,000Date: February 27, 2007

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