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Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Michael D. Doherty and Diane DohertyBuyer: Jeffrey A. Maybon and Jamie L. MaybonLocation: 761 Melissa Lane, CarbondalePrice: $415,000Date: June 15, 2004Seller: Tom UnderwoodBuyer: Tom Underwood and Melanie K. UnderwoodLocation: 375 Faas Ranch Road, New CastlePrice: $0Date: June 15, 2004Seller: James R. Zegarski and Brenda Puder ZegarskiBuyer: Michael R. TuggleLocation: 234 Springridge Place, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $730,000Date: June 11, 2004Seller: David A. Powell and Frances E. PowellBuyer: Robert M. EngelbrechtLocation: 4147 Crystal Bridge Drive, CarbondalePrice: $152,500Date: June 15, 2004Seller: EP Boundary LLCBuyer: Scott Rovenger and Holli RovengerLocation: 385 Boundary Lane, CarbondalePrice: $560,000Date: June 15, 2004Seller: Land Discovery Inc.Buyer: Shannon T. Orskog and Lynn M. OrskogLocation: 531 Wagon Wheel Circle, New CastlePrice: $78,500Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Patricia J. Terrell and Gary W. TerrellBuyer: Patricia J. TerrellLocation: 918 Pitkin Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $0Date: June 16, 2004Seller: Chris ShawBuyer: Thomas F. Fleming IIILocation: Lot B, Block 14, city of Glenwood SpringsPrice: $100,000Date: June 15, 2004Seller: All Mountain Structures Inc.Buyer: Gustavo Menchaca Jr.Location: 564 W. 30th St., RiflePrice: $199,000Date: June 17, 2004Seller: Mark S. Balcomb and Lisa A. BalcombBuyer: Balcomb Land & Cattle LLCLocation: parcel in T7S, R92W, Secs. 23 and 24, approximately 7 miles south of SiltPrice: $162,600Date: June 11, 2004Seller: Werner Wirth Anderson IND & AIF Carolyn M. AndersonBuyer: Patrick R. Johnson and Leslie C. McNamee JohnsonLocation: 665 Colorado Ave., CarbondalePrice: $244,000Date: June 16, 2004Seller: WSJ LLCBuyer: Savage Land Co. Inc.Location: 1388 Firethorn Drive, RiflePrice: $60,000Date: June 17, 2004Seller: Savage Land Co. Inc.Buyer: Marvin Coller and Rhonda CollerLocation: 1388 Firethorn Drive, RiflePrice: $60,000Date: June 17, 2004Seller: Francisco Flores OlivasBuyer: Francisco Flores Olivas and Marcela G. FloresLocation: 302 Meadow Court, RiflePrice: $0Date: June 18, 2004Seller: Deutsche Bank Trust Co. of the Americas fka Bankers Trust Co. TrusteeBuyer: Greg Tamburello and Anne TamburelloLocation: 8608 Highway 6&24, ParachutePrice: $206,000Date: June 18, 2004Seller: Neligh C. Coates, Betty B. Coates, Donald Norris and Judy NorrisBuyer: Patricia F. Chew and Robert F. WhalenLocation: 4135 Crystal Bridge Drive, CarbondalePrice: $155,000Seller: QBL LLC dba Quality Builders Ltd.Buyer: Robert Ashleigh, Candie Ashleigh and Juvencio GutierrezLocation: 413 Settlement Lane, CarbondalePrice: $85,000Date: June 15, 2004Seller: N. Bert DahlanderBuyer: Grand Valley United Methodist ChurchLocation: Lots 1-3, Block 2, original townsite of ParachutePrice: $65,000Date: June 11, 2004

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