Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Darren L. and Pauline M. SissonBuyer: Paula R. Fothergill and Kendrick E. NeubeckerAddress: 209 Holland Thompson, CarbondalePrice: $496,000Date: Dec 19, 2005Seller: Cerise Ranch LLCBuyer: Eric P. and Mimi E. RudermanAddress: 39 Larkspur Dr., CarbondalePrice: $320,000Date: Dec 19, 2005Seller: Donald J. and Karla M. RutherfordBuyer: Mike and Suzan LakinAddress: 4656 County Road 311, New CastlePrice: $338,500Date: Dec 15, 2005Seller: Jupiter and Rosa OteroBuyer: Patricia A. BurgdorfAddress: 318 Kim Dr., SiltPrice: $187,500Date: Dec 20, 2005Seller: Charles H. WaldoBuyer: 1566 Shepards Lane LLCAddress: Cardiff Glen PUD FL 2 Lot 48Price: none listedDate: Dec 14, 2005Seller: Steven C. and Barrie S. HarmsBuyer: Mallory T. Harling and Karen M. OwensAddress: Dakota Sub Lot 3 Block 2Price: $715,000Date: Dec 15, 2005Seller: Eric A. Fisher and Richard E. FisherBuyer: R & E LLCAddress: 1350 – 1352 EM St., SiltPrice: $0Date: none listedSeller: Karen L. and Mark A. StrippBuyer: Raul Enciso DelgadoAddress: 2205 Bennett Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $357,000Date: Dec 7, 2005Seller: Gary E. and Lark M. AndersonBuyer: Jose Dimas Vasquez and Dinora RomeroAddress: 511 S. 2nd St., CarbondalePrice: $248,000Date: Dec 20, 2005Seller: Piceance Gas Resources LLCBuyer: Petroleum Development CorpAddress: vacant land, Garfield CountyPrice: $213,000Date: Nov 11, 2005Seller: Annette F. ChiappeBuyer: Annette C. HernandezAddress: 158 Sopris Ave., CarbondalePrice: none listedDate: Jan 24, 2005Seller: David A. Weber and Nola E. WeberBuyer: Nathan P. and Joy Lynn LeuallenAddress: Leo Subdivision Lot 2, RiflePrice: $110,000Date: Dec 20, 2005Seller: Savage Limited Partnership IBuyer: Arthur R. Dahl, Jr. and Sally DahlAddress: 1846 Anvil Court, RiflePrice: $67,500Date: Dec 16, 2005Seller: Crystal River L PBuyer: William W. BrownAddress: 766 Perry Ridge, CarbondalePrice: $225,000Date: Dec 21, 2005Seller: Timothy F. and Ann M. WhiteBuyer: Joslyn V. Wood and Jeffrey J. MelahnAddress: 190 Meadow Ln., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $715,000Date: Dec 21, 2005Seller: Marion R. GriscomBuyer: Stewart Custom Builders Inc.Address: 551 Cowen Dr., CarbondalePrice: $200,000Date: Dec 22, 2005Seller: KK Deering LPBuyer: Robert and Elaine CollinsAddress: 0055 Spire Ridge Way, CarbondalePrice: $900,000Date: Dec 23, 2005Seller: Savage Land Co Inc.Buyer: Daniel L. Alvis and Susan Nichols AlvisAddress: 770 E. 17th St., RiflePrice: $237,700Date: Dec 22, 2005Seller: Ronald G. SheridanBuyer: Teamcorp Inc.Address: Original Twnste Parachute Lot 15 & 16 Block 10Price: $40,000Date: Dec 23, 2005Seller: Scott R. HendersonBuyer: Charles W. WebbAddress: 7105 Sunset Court, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $181,000Date: Dec 20, 2005Seller: Tells Meadows LLCBuyer: Nathan J. KrauseAddress: 330 Wildrose, ParachutePrice: $149,000Date: Dec 20, 2005Seller: Melvin Julian and Charlotte Jean SandovalBuyer: Lonnie SandovalAddress: 1004 Grand Ave., SiltPrice: $93,500Date: Dec 19, 2005Seller: Edward H. and Billie Sue KochBuyer: Edward H. Koch Living Trust and Billie Sue Koch Living TrustAddress: 135 E. First St., ParachutePrice: none listedDate: Nov 30, 2005Seller: Daniel T. and Marsha K. OconnellBuyer: Oconnell Family Ranch LLCAddress: 10325 County Road 331, SiltPrice: none listedDate: Dec 27, 2005Seller: Lookout Mountain Associates LLCBuyer: M R Lookout LLC, J D Lookout LLC, Flying Finger LLC, and Look Out CoyoteLLCAddress: Red Ridge RanchesPrice: $6,924,000Date: Dec 23, 2005Seller: Valley Assets Inc.Buyer: HNB Holdings LLCAddress: Coal Ridge Industrial Park, New CastlePrice: $1,040,000Date: Sep 19, 2005Seller: John L. Graber and Jill K. McAliceBuyer: Carrie A. PattonAddress: 231 County Road 260, SiltPrice: $525,000Date: Dec 22, 2005Seller: Patricia SklarBuyer: SWD Investment Group LPAddress: 5135 Crystal Bridge Dr., CarbondalePrice: $165,000Date: Dec 21, 2005Seller: Joel R. HendershotBuyer: James H. PurcellAddress: 1575 Airport Rd., RiflePrice: $296,100Date: Dec 23, 2005Seller: Ernesto EscarcegaBuyer: New Sunburst Properties LLCAddress: 2104 Horseshoe Trail, SiltPrice: $535,000Date: Dec 27, 2005Seller: Chevelle Properties LLCBuyer: Sally S. MehalekAddress: 712 Bennett Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $247,500Date: Dec 21, 2005Seller: Faye B. Faas TrustBuyer: Joel TowbinAddress: 948 Club House Dr., New CastlePrice: $165,000Date: Dec 8, 2005Seller: Deerfield Park LLCBuyer: Steven Douglas Winschell and Mindy Lynn ChristiansenAddress: 388 Columbine Dr., RiflePrice: $209,900Date: Dec 20, 2005Seller: H I G Enterprises LLCBuyer: Julian C. Timm – Trustee, Lillian R. Timm – Trustee, and Julian C. Timm &Lillian R. Timm Living TrustAddress: 0098 Cardinal Way, ParachutePrice: $965,000Date: Dec 20, 2005Seller: Craig N. BoeBuyer: Cabin Fever L L CAddress: nonePrice: $160,000Date: Dec 21, 2005Seller: 211 Eighth LLCBuyer: Marlene W. CohenAddress: 302 Cleveland Place, CarbondalePrice: $343,700Date: Dec 20, 2005Seller: Hogback Construction LLCBuyer: Richard S. and Leslie R. MykittaAddress: 391 Faas Ranch Rd., New CastlePrice: $559,500Date: Dec 28, 2005Seller: Jorge A. Calix Blanco and Sonia I. CalixBuyer: Fidelina MenjivarAddress: 1012 Park West Dr., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $348,000Date: Dec 23, 2005Seller: Jeffrey D. and Christine L. PotterBuyer: Christine L. PotterAddress: 534 Munro Ave., RiflePrice: $0Date: Nov 21, 2005Seller: Darin R. Axthelm – AIF and Larry S. AxthelmBuyer: Hugo A. CastilloAddress: 759 Colorado Ave., CarbondalePrice: $420,000Date: Dec 27, 2005Seller: Basalt Trade Assoc LLCBuyer: William A. Levin, David M. Epstein, Michael B. Lipkin, Jody B. Guralnick,and Treesa LipkinAddress: Lyon Sub Pud Lot 99-101Price: 0Date: Dec 15, 2005Seller: Basalt Trade Assoc L L C and 401K Profit Sharing Plan & TrustBuyer: William A. Levin, David M. Epstein, Michael Lipkin, Jody B. Guralnick,and Treesa LipkinAddress: Lyon Sub PUD Lot 102 & 103Price: 0Date: Dec 15, 2005Seller: Sky Blue LLCBuyer: Dean K. and Wendy B. MoffattAddress: 2620 WoodBerry Dr. 10, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $335,000Date: Dec 8, 2005Seller: Dan M. and Marsha L. BlakeBuyer: Kenneth E. Newton and Kathleen A. KeelerAddress: 34 Ptarmigan, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $391,300Date: Dec 22, 2005Seller: Cedar Springs Ranch LLCBuyer: Lori Harris and Randy KirkpatrickAddress: TBD Cedar Springs Ranch, RiflePrice: $85,000Date: Dec 28, 2005Seller: Lakota Canyon Ranch Dev LLCBuyer: Kevin KeeganAddress: 86 Spur Dr., New CastlePrice: $135,000Date: Dec 22, 2005Seller: Lakota Canyon Ranch Dev LLCBuyer: Kevin KeeganAddress: 40 Broken Wing Dr., New CastlePrice: $120,000Date: Dec 22, 2005Seller: Bobby G. and Cynthia M. PetersBuyer: Kevin E. and Annette M. HanchettAddress: 113 Glen Eagle Circle, New CastlePrice: $265,000Date: Dec 8, 2005Seller: Susan Cooley SimsBuyer: Barbara L. EanesAddress: 310 Pennyroyal Court, New CastlePrice: $260,000Date: Dec 29, 2005Seller: Barbara A. ShermanBuyer: Susan C. SimsAddress: 1300 Mount Sopris Dr., B6, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $236,000Date: Dec 29, 2005

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