Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Bobby G. and Genevie E. HookerBuyer: Judith K. and James M. MeyerAddress: TBD RiflePrice: $0Date: May 12, 2005Seller: Washington Mutual BankBuyer: Secretary of Housing & Urban DevelopmentAddress: 1111 Orchard Ave., SiltPrice: $0Date: Jan 26, 2006Seller: Raymond Douglas SaltivanBuyer: Gerald O. and Debbie A. GiornoAddress: 922 W. 24th St., RiflePrice: $95,000Date: Jan 26, 2006Seller: Grace Homes Const Inc. – DBA and Grace Homes Real Estate & Const Inc.Buyer: John I. Pittman, Elizabeth A. Pittman, and William R. JenkinsonAddress: 0240 Cliff View Circle, ParachutePrice: $161,400Date: Dec 30, 2005Seller: Douglas E. OlsonBuyer: Colorado Riverside Holdings LLC and Alice SundeenAddress: 2100 Devereaux Rd., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $645,000Date: Jan 13, 2006Seller: Wyckoff Properties LLCBuyer: Richard D. WyckoffAddress: illegiblePrice: none listedDate: none listedSeller: Richard D. WyckoffBuyer: Daniel B. and Kelly J. McQueenAddress: 695 & 697 McCarron Court, RiflePrice: $220,000Date: Jan 17, 2006Seller: Cedar Hills Kennel LLCBuyer: Richard GeiskeAddress: address unassignedPrice: $376,000Date: Jan 17, 2006Seller: James E. NesbittBuyer: Richard GeiskeAddress: address unassignedPrice: $800,000Date: Jan 17, 2006Seller: Edward H. and Billie Sue KochBuyer: Rescue Tree Service Inc.Address: Spring Lake Estate Lot 3 Sec APrice: $0Date: Aug 6, 2004Seller: Rescue Tree Service Inc.Buyer: B & V Developers LLCAddress: TBD ParachutePrice: $175,000Date: Jan 17, 2006Seller: Nghi Tran FinleyBuyer: Farm Fields Homes LLCAddress: Westridge Homestead Sub Final Lot 4, CarbondalePrice: none listedDate: Sep 12, 2005Seller: E. C. Partners LTD – AKA, EC Partners LTD – AKA, and E C PartnersBuyer: 4th and Main LLCAddress: 380 Main St., CarbondalePrice: $1,300,000Date: Oct 31, 2005Seller: Lot A LLCBuyer: Carolyn BernhardtAddress: 2527 Meadow Court, RiflePrice: none listedDate: Jan 17, 2006Seller: Lot A LLCBuyer: Carolyn BernhardtAddress: 2525 Meadow Circle, RiflePrice: none listedDate: Jan 17, 2006Seller: Lot A LLCBuyer: Raymond JonesAddress: 2523 Meadow Court, RiflePrice: none listedDate: Jan 17, 2006Seller: Dickie J. CalvertBuyer: Johnny R. MichaelisAddress: 77 County Road 301, ParachutePrice: $365,000Date: Jan 27, 2006Seller: Kenneth F. McAlaryBuyer: Crescencio GarciaAddress: 97 Shotgun St., RiflePrice: $147,000Date: Jan 27, 2006Seller: Wells Fargo Bank – Trustee, First Franklin MTG Loan Trust 2002 FF4Buyer: Rebecca L. GremillionAddress: 1091 West Bank Rd., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $450,000Date: Jan 10, 2006Seller: John W. and Bonita B. CahillBuyer: Jami C. and Nathan D. FridayAddress: 645 Grace, CarbondalePrice: $380,000Date: Jan 27, 2006Seller: Crystal River LPBuyer: Block B LLCAddress: River Valley Ranch PH IV Lot 1-9 Block BPrice: $948,100Date: Jan 20, 2006Seller: Morada Ventures Inc.Buyer: Richard D. and Jodine N. JohnsonAddress: Four Mile Ranch Sub Lot 21, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $191,000Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: Rene TornareBuyer: Jaime J. and Tiffany A. DiazAddress: 522 23rd St., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $414,000Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: Mark Robert Bartnik – IND & AIF and Joanna Ewa BartnikBuyer: Tom Dari and Jeanne SoulsbyAddress: 31 S. Meadow View Court, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $267,500Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: PM LLCBuyer: TML Enterprises Inc.Address: Pioneer Mesa PUD Filing One Lot 4-6, 11, 22-23, 25-26 & 28 Block 1Price: $520,200Date: Jan 30, 2006Seller: Columbine Rifle LLCBuyer: Rifle A LLC and Rifle B LLCAddress: 1633 & 1733 Railroad Ave., RiflePrice: $1,770,000Date: Jan 30, 2006Seller: DVB LLCBuyer: David S. MooreAddress: 0075 County Road 310, ParachutePrice: none listedDate: Jan 24, 2006Seller: U S Bank – Trustee, Chase Manhattan MTG Corp – AIF, and Chase HomeFinance LLC – SCCRBuyer: Susan J. GoldbergAddress: 14 Mustang Dr., New CastlePrice: $488,000Date: Jan 11, 2006Seller: Charles SimonBuyer: Simon Family Qualified Personal Residence TrustAddress: Ranch at Roaring Fk PH4 FLG2 Lot 26Price: none listedDate: Dec 30, 2005Seller: David S. and Joy Anne McAllisterBuyer: Nash Construction Co.Address: 0676 Westbank Rd.Price: $225,000Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: Studio 3 Land Co LLCBuyer: Alejandro and Ana Maria ChaviraAddress: Western Pines Sub Lot 3, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $100,000Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: Lakota Canyon Ranch Dev LLCBuyer: JJ Mustang II L L CAddress: TBD Spirit Way, New CastlePrice: $140,000Date: Jan 25, 2006Seller: Blue Creek Land Holdings L L CBuyer: Sandesign Inc.Address: 49 Gambel Oak Way, CarbondalePrice: $170,000Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: James R. and Valerie P. ByrnesBuyer: Marc Anthony and Diann Michelle KroegerAddress: 7207 County Road 100, CarbondalePrice: $360,000Date: Jan 27, 2006Seller: Charles K. and Jean S. CurleeBuyer: Jesse Zucco and Patricia GalmoreAddress: 89 Meadow Wood Dr., CarbondalePrice: $178,000Date: Jan 27, 2006

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