Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Steven W. HardestyBuyer: Kenneth G. OsbornAddress: 23 E. Bonanza Pl., ParachutePrice: $116,000Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: Janet Miller – AIF and Kenneth G. OsbornBuyer: Joseph E. and Velma WeinreisAddress: 327 Cardinal Way, ParachutePrice: $138,500Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: Cimmarron Land & Homes LLCBuyer: Tammy Gill, John H. Gill, and Kristi A. GillAddress: 382 Mineral Springs Circle, ParachutePrice: $142,000Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: Edgar R. BustillosBuyer: Edgar R. Bustillos and Maria G. GonzalezAddress: 513 North 8th St., SiltPrice: none listedDate: Jan 24, 2006Seller: Ronald L. and June Ann RobinsonBuyer: Michael Lee and Christine Ann DanskaAddress: 1605 Bennett Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: none listedDate: Jan 19, 2006Seller: Frank M. Donofrio – Conserv, Irene M. Smith – FKA, Irene M. Donofio -AKA, and Irene M. Donofio SmithBuyer: Frank M. Donofrio, Michael J. Donofrio, and Mary A. ParentiAddress: 16 Pinyon, ParachutePrice: none listedDate: Jan 27, 2006Seller: Frank M. Donofrio, Michael J. Donofrio, Mary A. Parenti, and RosemarieMarousekBuyer: Carol S. and Welden F. SchneiderAddress: 16 Pinyon, ParachutePrice: $200,000Date: Jan 27, 2006Seller: Robbin Gallegos and Claudia Michele GallegosBuyer: James A. and Pearl M. KnightAddress: 2031 Acacia Ave., RiflePrice: $255,000Date: Feb 3, 2006Seller: Harry L. and Linda E. HastyBuyer: Robbin Gallegos and Claudia Michele GallegosAddress: 6565 County Road 309, ParachutePrice: $350,000Date: Feb 3, 2006Seller: Cimarron Land & Homes LLCBuyer: Karen ConradAddress: 51 Mineral Springs Cr., ParachutePrice: $136,900Date: Feb 3, 2006Seller: Dave WassermanBuyer: R T Taylor Const Inc.Address: Monument Ridge Exp Parcel 3, vacant landPrice: $108,000Date: Feb 3, 2006Seller: Gerald G. Slaugh – AKA, Gerald Slaugh, Karen J. Slaugh – AKA, and KarenSlaughBuyer: Gerald G. Slaugh TrustAddress: 2507 Meadow Circle, Unit 4, RiflePrice: none listedDate: Feb 1, 2006Seller: Gerald G. Slaugh TrustBuyer: Bonnie L. MarshallAddress: 2507 Meadow Circle Unit 4, RiflePrice: $169,000Date: Feb 3, 2006Seller: Battlement Mesa PartnersBuyer: Wesley D. WhitmanAddress: 114 Lodgepole Circle, ParachutePrice: $28,600Date: Feb 6, 2006Seller: Steven A. and Letha M. ThornBuyer: Wesley D. WhitmanAddress: 360 Lodgepole Circle, ParachutePrice: $42,500Date: Feb 6, 2006Seller: Village Homes of Colorado Inc.Buyer: Steven V. HardingAddress: 1489 Teeters Lane, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $352,700Date: Feb 3, 2006Seller: DKD 2004 TrustBuyer: Prince Creek Construction Inc.Address: 485 North 8th St., CarbondalePrice: $400,000Date: Feb 6, 2006Seller: Cerise Ranch LLCBuyer: Perry and Betty SeiderAddress: 26 Larkspur Dr., CarbondalePrice: $205,000Date: Feb 6, 2006Seller: CSA3 L L CBuyer: Lawrence James and Gloria Janice RennieAddress: 289 Maroon Dr., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $525,000Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: Brian and Sylvia BoettcherBuyer: Anthony J. and Kathleen Jane SchaefferAddress: 4338 Homestead Rd., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $1,050,000Date: Feb 3, 2006Seller: Grady A. and Cynthia K. OlsonBuyer: Cort LewisAddress: none listedPrice: 621,000Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: DKD 2004 TrustBuyer: Marc C. McKinneyAddress: 642 Sopris Ave., CarbondalePrice: $342,000Date: Feb 6, 2006Seller: Stirling Sun Mesa Inc.Buyer: Mike and Patricia K. OtteAddress: 0095 Schooner Ln., CarbondalePrice: $295,000Date: Feb 2, 2006Seller: Galloway Homes LLCBuyer: Gary A. MeyerAddress: 323 Faas Ranch Rd., New CastlePrice: $534,000Date: Feb 8, 2006Seller: Savage Limited Partnership IBuyer: Savage Land Co. Inc.Address: TBD Anvil View Ave., E. 18th St., RiflePrice: $67,500Date: Jan 19, 2006Seller: Cheryl L. SosBuyer: Eleven Eighty Five L L CAddress: 1713 Bennett Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $430,000Date: Feb 1, 2006Seller: Lakota Canyon Ranch DevBuyer: Forest and Kelly KeithAddress: Lot 29, Spur Dr., New CastlePrice: $135,000Date: Sep 6, 2006Seller: Alfredo and Josefina SanchezBuyer: Juliana Diaz, Rafael Diaz, and Maria A. DiazAddress: 767 Burning Mountain, New CastlePrice: $185,000Date: Feb 8, 2006Seller: Barbara Lynn CliftonBuyer: Patrick P. BurwellAddress: 1465 Graham Court, RiflePrice: none listedDate: Jan 26, 2006Seller: Jose Luis and Virginia Sharon RodriguezBuyer: Christian A. WhittingtonAddress: Rifle Creek Estates Flg 2 Lot 7, vacant lot, RiflePrice: $180,000Date: Feb 9, 2006Seller: Jo Elizabeth D. GilstrapBuyer: Alfredo and Josefina SanchezAddress: 413 Evergreen Drive, RiflePrice: $259,000Date: Feb 8, 2006Seller: H. Paul GottschlichBuyer: Dorothy BellAddress: 137 Cedar Circle, ParachutePrice: none listedDate: Dec 1, 2005Seller: Dorothy BellBuyer: Steve W. and Manila D. WiseAddress: 137 Cedar Circle, ParachutePrice: $135,000Date: Feb 7, 2006Seller: Richard J. CollerBuyer: Richard J. and Dana L. CollerAddress: 1506 Anvil View Ave., RiflePrice: none listedDate: Jan 26, 2006Seller: Donnell R. Reid, Sr.Buyer: Reid TrustAddress: 1150 County Road 233, RiflePrice: $0Date: Oct 14, 2005Seller: Donnell R. Reid, Sr.Buyer: Reid TrustAddress: 787 Jade Ln., Grand JunctionPrice: $0Date: Oct 14, 2005Seller: Donnell R. Reid, Sr. and Lisa Anne ReidBuyer: Reid TrustAddress: 2806 ? Bookcliff Ave., Grand JunctionPrice: $0Date: Oct 14, 2005Seller: Donnell R. and Lisa A. ReidBuyer: Reid TrustAddress: 31192 Highway 6 & 24, RiflePrice: $0Date: Oct 14, 2005Seller: Behrendt Family LLC, Richmond Family L P LLC, James Richmond LLC, RonaldA. Richmond – Trustee, and Ronald A. Richmond Rev TrustBuyer: Patrick M. MaxwellAddress: 796 Castle Valley Blvd Unit B., New CastlePrice: $163,000Date: Feb 8, 2006Seller: CSA2 LLCBuyer: Clay E. ReichardtAddress: 103 Sunrise Court, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $188,600Date: Feb 10, 2006Seller: 211 Eighth LLCBuyer: Stuart T. Urfrig and Shelly K. SheppickAddress: 307 Cleveland Pl., CarbondalePrice: $339,000Date: Feb 9, 2006Seller: Dennis R. Lawrence – Trustee and Dennis R. Lawrence TrustBuyer: Dennis and Stella FoxAddress: Unit H, Grand Ave., # illegible, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $0Date: Jan 31, 2006Seller: Kelly and Michael Lyon Family LLCBuyer: Robert and Maria Carrion KozakAddress: 233 Fieldstone Court, SiltPrice: $92,900Date: Feb 10, 2006Seller: Jan M. Walters – Trustee and Jan M. Walters Rev TrustBuyer: Jan M. and Edward S. WaltersAddress: 724 Bennett Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: none listedDate: Feb 7, 2006Seller: Tony and Kathleen JanssenBuyer: Milton G. and Kathleen E. JanssenAddress: 514 D J Road, RiflePrice: none listedDate: Feb 13, 2006Seller: Jonas R. and Keely TuttleBuyer: Randel Wade and Cheryl Lynn PattonAddress: 67 Lasso Ln., SiltPrice: $325,000Date: Feb 15, 2006Seller: Clinton H. and Jana Danielle BrownBuyer: Robert W. and Heather D. BarzeeAddress: 63 Mineral Springs Cr., ParachutePrice: $146,000Date: Feb 10, 2006Seller: Gary and Elizabeth SchenkBuyer: Neslo Properties LLC, Siri A. Olsen, and John F. NeileyAddress: 475 County Road 167, CarbondalePrice: $720,000Date: Feb 10, 2006Seller: Russell GeorgeBuyer: Thomas W. StuverAddress: 120 W. 3rd St., RiflePrice: $100,000Date: Apr 11, 2005Seller: Sun Meadow Estates LLCBuyer: Henry T. and Billie J. MenneckeAddress: TBD North Meadow Dr., SiltPrice: $363,600Date: Jan 30, 2006Seller: Cozy Point L PBuyer: Flora Macgregor Irrevocable TrustAddress: none listedPrice: $170,000Date: Jul 19, 2004Seller: Cozy Point L PBuyer: Elizabeth Macgregor Irrevocable TrustAddress: none listedPrice: $170,000Date: Jul 19, 2004Seller: Brighton Real Estate Svcs – AIF and RMS Residential Properties LLCBuyer: Daniel B. AlderferAddress: # illegible, Apple Dr., New CastlePrice: $180,000Date: Jan 19, 2006Seller: Sun Meadow Estates LLCBuyer: James M. and Susan L. McClellandAddress: 0166 N. Meadow Dr., SiltPrice: $364,800Date: Feb 14, 2006Seller: Cherry E. AndrewsBuyer: Robert T. WilliamsAddress: 455 8th St., CarbondalePrice: $220,000Date: Feb 10, 2006Seller: Grace Homes Const Inc. – DBA and Grace Homes Real Estate & Const Inc.Buyer: Albert and Lucille DudaschAddress: 0160 Cliff View Circle, ParachutePrice: $178,700Date: Jan 27, 2006Seller: Vincent J. Felletter, Jr. IND & AIF and Leigh M. FelletterBuyer: Fred H. KakoAddress: 1337 Standing Deer Dr., SiltPrice: $319,300Date: Feb 15, 2006Seller: Scott Sobke – IND & AIF, Gene E. Sobke, and Carol C. SobkeBuyer: Robert E. CampbellAddress: 814 Blake Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $369,000Date: Feb 14, 2006Seller: Lakota Canyon Ranch Dev LLCBuyer: Robert John and Mary Jane StenemanAddress: Lot 19 & 20, Spur Dr., New CastlePrice: $294,500Date: Feb 14, 2006Seller: Jan M. and Edward S. WaltersBuyer: Jan M. Walters Rev TrustAddress: 724 Bennett Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: none listedDate: Feb 14, 2006Seller: JDC Limited Liability Co.Buyer: Katherine Chou and Ernesto Leon, Jr.Address: 2609 Shawnee Court, RiflePrice: $187,500Date: Feb 15, 2006Seller: Eric C. WilliamsBuyer: Land Discovery Inc.Address: none listedPrice: none listedDate: Feb 8, 2006Seller: Howard L. and Eileen R. HansonBuyer: Bradley Properties LLCAddress: 71 Midland Loop, CarbondalePrice: $633,800Date: Feb 15, 2006

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