Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Michelle Lea and Robert H. DavidBuyer: Jonas R. and Keely A. Doyle TuttleAddress: 649 Sunny Acres Rd., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $545,000Date: Feb 16, 2006Seller: Susan and Robert W. FoxBuyer: Kara D. and Nicholas M. ArmanoAddress: 991 Brush Creek Ln., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $365,000Date: Feb 16, 2006Seller: T K Investment CorpBuyer: Bruce and Annette IrickAddress: 0109 Kingfisher Ln., CarbondalePrice: $1,300,000Date: Feb 15, 2006Seller: Battlement Mesa Land & Dev Co LLCBuyer: Timothy T. PerryAddress: 48 Talon Trail, ParachutePrice: $52,700Date: Feb 14, 2006Seller: Carbondale Business Park LLCBuyer: Caleb EdelmanAddress: TBD Delores Way, CarbondalePrice: $1,160,700Date: Feb 16, 2006Seller: Caleb EdelmanBuyer: CBP Phase II & III LLCAddress: TBD Delores Way, CarbondalePrice: none listedDate: Feb 13, 2006Seller: Patricia M. HeriderBuyer: Nathan and Ashley RigganAddress: 1024 W. 24th St., RiflePrice: $138,500Date: Feb 17, 2006Seller: Shereen JasperBuyer: Robert H. and Michelle Lea DavidAddress: 3800 Old Lodge Rd., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $222,500Date: Feb 17, 2006Seller: Richard P. BonacquistaBuyer: Richard P. & Melissa R. Bonacquista Rev TrustAddress: TE-KE-KI of Aspen, #1, Condo Estates, Lot 24Price: $0Date: Jan 26, 2006Seller: Eric P. Anderson – IND & AIF, Kenneth P. Clements, and Juleen S.ClementsBuyer: Elidia De La TorreAddress: 2600 S. Oakhurst #20, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $187,000Date: Feb 17, 2006Seller: Christine and George PrioleauBuyer: Christine B. Upperstrom Living TrustAddress: 195 Dakota Meadows Dr., CarbondalePrice: $390,000Date: Feb 17, 2006Seller: Deutsche Bank National Trust Co – Trustee, Morgan Stanley ABS Capital IInc., and Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. TrustBuyer: Tanner S. and Tia M. KanciliaAddress: 614 Evergreen Rd., SiltPrice: $214,000Date: Jan 20, 2006Seller: Village Homes of Colorado Inc.Buyer: Kirk R. and Susan B. AlexanderAddress: 4266 Fanning Pl., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $335,000Date: Feb 21, 2006Seller: SLC Laurence LLCBuyer: Labaron 4 Bars LLCAddress: Ranch at Coulter Creek PUD Lot 2 & 3Price: $1,000,000Date: Feb 15, 2006Seller: Jayne Beth and Steven Robert ColeyBuyer: Leslie M. and Howard D. KanciliaAddress: 512 Howard Ave., RiflePrice: $162,500Date: Feb 21, 2006Seller: Doug LiljedahlBuyer: Jennie KnutsonAddress: 701 Castle Pine Court, New CastlePrice: $280,000Date: Feb 21, 2006Seller: Savage Limited Partnership IBuyer: Savage Land Co Inc.Address: 839 East 18th St., RiflePrice: $62,500Date: Feb 13, 2006Seller: Ceferino and Eduardo HerreraBuyer: Kevin ScanlonAddress: 521 N. 7th St., RiflePrice: $150,000Date: Feb 17, 2006Seller: Robert W. Andrews TrustBuyer: Robert W. AndrewsAddress: 559 Jacobs Place, CarbondalePrice: none listedDate: Jan 10, 2006Seller: Eric Faas – Trustee and Faye B. Faas TrustBuyer: Jeff BaileyAddress: 906 Club House Dr., New CastlePrice: $169,000Date: Feb 21, 2006Seller: Steven W. Weller, Toni L. Weller, Charles F. Weller, Eva CharleneWeller, Wyotex Oil Co., KBL Mineral Co. LLC, Piceance Royalty Partners LLC, JLWInvestment L L C, Freeman Investments, Huckleberry Minerals LLC, Excel LandServices LLC, and Parker Geoscience Consulting LLCBuyer: Biscuit Ranch LLCAddress: none listedDate: Dec 12, 2005Seller: Oak Meadows Dev CorpBuyer: Wendy L. and William F. HarrisonAddress: 0645 Old Midland Spur, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $128,000Date: Feb 22, 2006Seller: Battlement Mesa Land & Dev Co LLCBuyer: Timothy T. PerryAddress: 22 Eagle Ridge Dr., ParachutePrice: $74,700Date: Feb 16, 2006Seller: William J. McKinley Rev TrustBuyer: Linda M. McKinley Rev TrustAddress: 1495 Walz Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: none listedDate: Feb 23, 2006Seller: FFA I LLC and FFA II LLCBuyer: Doug LiljedahlAddress: 210 Surrey, CarbondalePrice: $404,000Date: Feb 22, 2006Seller: Douglas L. Piffer – AIF and Eleanor M. PifferBuyer: John and Deborah NicholsonAddress: TBD name illegible, Lane, SiltPrice: $165,000Date: Feb 17, 2006Seller: Richard S. and Ellen Katie WaltonBuyer: James A. and Pearl M. KnightAddress: 527 Ponderosa Circle, ParachutePrice: $240,000Date: Feb 15, 2006Seller: Reies AmayaBuyer: Lloyd FacklamAddress: 335 Evans Ave., ParachutePrice: $139,000Date: Feb 17, 2006Seller: Gordman Leverich L L L PBuyer: Coulter Family TrustAddress: parcel 14, County Road 245, New CastlePrice: $150,000Date: Feb 22, 2006Seller: Paeonia Organicus LLCBuyer: TMC Investments LLCAddress: 2900 Howard Ave., RiflePrice: $235,000Date: Feb 20, 2006Seller: Robert F. and Carmen R. MontgomeryBuyer: Akaljeet KhalsaAddress: 596 Highway 133, #23, CarbondalePrice: $233,000Date: Feb 21, 2006Seller: Melvin S. Kauffman, Jr. and Diane M. KauffmanBuyer: David B. CookAddress: TBD Cedar Breaks Rd., RiflePrice: $122,500Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: 211 Eighth LLCBuyer: Jerome & Suzanne Urfrig Intervivos TrustAddress: 305 Cleveland Pl., CarbondalePrice: $341,400Date: Feb 22, 2006Seller: Timothy J. and Ann M. StolleyBuyer: Brian E. McLaughlinAddress: 735 Palmer Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $359,900Date: Feb 23, 2006Seller: Blue Creek Land Holdings L L CBuyer: Emma Holdings LLCAddress: 33 Pinon Ln., CarbondalePrice: $180,000Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: Crisoforo Silva Limones and Angelica Silva CarrascoBuyer: John Patrick and Kathryn ColemanAddress: 3879 346 County Road, SiltPrice: $335,000Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: HB2 LLCBuyer: David Philip and Stephanie M. BrownAddress: West Rimledge Sub Lot 4Price: none listedDate: Feb 15, 2006Seller: Robert E. Handy, Jr.Buyer: Keith KelleyAddress: 1111 Arnold Court, RiflePrice: $169,500Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: Anna L. JonesBuyer: Cheryl L. and Allan M. BomersbackAddress: 0228 Midland Pt. Rd., CarbondalePrice: $695,000Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: A. Edward and Bobbie L. BarrBuyer: Lori OkeefeAddress: 40 Boulder Ridge Dr., ParachutePrice: $325,000Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: Brian E. MclaughlinBuyer: Brian E. Mclaughlin and Dennis K. MclaughlinAddress: 4101 Sunset Court, Glenwood SpringsPrice: none listedDate: Feb 27, 2006Seller: Faye B. Faas TrustBuyer: DBST LLCAddress: 335 Faas Ranch Rd., New CastlePrice: $135,000Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: Mary M. SlatteryBuyer: Michael J. and Sarah A. PerdueAddress: 345 Meadow Creek Dr., ParachutePrice: $79,000Date: Feb 23, 2006Seller: Stephanie L. and Michael J. MonroeBuyer: Amber Marie and Clifford J. BraveAddress: 0367 South Ninth St., Townhome, RiflePrice: $125,000Date: Feb 17, 2006Seller: Ashton K. DurrettBuyer: Rene TornareAddress: 914 Blake, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $150,000Date: Feb 28, 2006Seller: John Eric and Tara L. CharlesworthBuyer: Stanton Leo Green and Mary C. AdamsAddress: 55 Clarkson Ave., RiflePrice: $192,000Date: Feb 27, 2006Seller: Martha R. Berry and Robert H. Zeis IIIBuyer: Jennifer FirminAddress: 711 East Ave., RiflePrice: $182,000Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: First Baptist ChurchBuyer: Marianne Ackerman, John Lee Ackerman, Julio J. Palomino, Jr., MaureenBrennan, Bruce Norman Barth, and Dara A. BarthAddress: 1116 & 1118 Cooper Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $550,000Date: Feb 28, 2006Seller: Federal Home Loan Mtg CorpBuyer: Larry MartinAddress: 707 Burning Mountain Ave., New CastlePrice: $149,000Date: Feb 20, 2006Seller: Timothy Christopher GayBuyer: Hal TempletonAddress: 1203 Sunset Court, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $171,000Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: Crystal River L PBuyer: Joseph R. SmithAddress: 4062 Crystal Bridge Dr., CarbondalePrice: $182,000Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: Crossland Development CorpBuyer: Ferfam LTDAddress: 1258 Crystal Bluffs Loop, CarbondalePrice: $749,400Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: Spaulding Excavation & Const Inc.Buyer: Marvin Kent and Shawna Raye PowellAddress: 723 East 17th St., RiflePrice: $299,000Date: Feb 28, 2006Seller: Deborah Bennett Escalante and Kelly Pete FixBuyer: Terry S. KnobAddress: address illegible, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $210,000Date: Feb 28, 2006Seller: Larry MartinBuyer: Site West Dev LLCAddress: 702 Buckhorn Dr., RiflePrice: $212,000Date: Feb 28, 2006Seller: Christine Ann McGovernBuyer: Todd and Kristine LeahyAddress: 2317 Bennett Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $750,000Date: Feb 28, 2006Seller: Chris McGovernBuyer: Laura A. KassAddress: 81 Chapparral Circle, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $410,000Date: Feb 28, 2006Seller: Jason E. FlynnBuyer: William B. HolmesAddress: 1202 West 5th St., RiflePrice: $220,000Date: Feb 24, 2006Seller: Derek S. and Kathleen M. JohnsonBuyer: James and Shelly SharrarAddress: 54 Hackberry Lane, ParachutePrice: $221,000Date: Feb 28, 2006Seller: Regina Webster Flanagan – AIF and Micah B. FlanaganBuyer: Richard B. and Maria L. MillerAddress: 451 Harmony Dr., RiflePrice: $208,000Date: Feb 23, 2006Seller: Washington Mutual BankBuyer: Federal Home Loan Mtg CorpAddress: 102 Main St., SiltPrice: $0Date: Feb 23, 2006Seller: James R. and Wendy A. SmithBuyer: Wayne PollardAddress: 434 E. 6th St., RiflePrice: $207,000Date: Feb 28, 2006Seller: Wendy C. Lucas – IND & AIF, Marie Lucas, and Jan JohannessenBuyer: Ricardo and Julieta MirandaAddress: Village Green Condos Unit 4A Lot 4Price: $262,600Date: Feb 15, 2006Seller: Khaleelah AustinBuyer: Vilma Arvizu, Ronald Vladimir Villegas, and Ingrid Janelle NavarroAddress: 1101 Parkwood Ln., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $425,000Date: Feb 28, 2006

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