Real Estate Transactions 6/11/04 |

Real Estate Transactions 6/11/04

Seller: Savage Land Co.Buyer: Michelle Krelovich and Christopher KrelovichLocation: 1354 W. Spruce Court, RiflePrice: $239,500Date: March 22, 2004Seller: Gary P. StarrBuyer: Robyn S. StarrLocation: 425 Mountain Shadows Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $0Date: March 8, 2004Seller: Giard Homes Inc.Buyer: Mary Ann FlyLocation: Lot 2, Meadows Subdivision, RiflePrice: $0Date: March 16, 2004Seller: Robert Lebuhn and Elaine L. LebuhnBuyer: Drake F. Benson and Judith L. BensonLocation: Parcel in T7S, R87W, Sec. 17, TBD County Road 170, CarbondalePrice: $210,000Date: March 23, 2004Seller: Michael Hinkley and Stephanie M. HinkleyBuyer: Gary A. Wallace and Patricia A. WallaceLocation: Parcel 3, Craig Subdivision Exemption, RiflePrice: $85,000Date: March 23, 2004Seller: Yasukuni C. Tribble and Susan J. TribbleBuyer: C&S Tribble Properties LLCLocation: 12644 Highway 82, CarbondalePrice: $0Date: March 15, 2004Seller: Kraig W. Grubaugh and Judy Alice GrubaughBuyer: David D. Reed and Faith H. ReedLocation: 124 Columbine Lane, ParachutePrice: $156,000Date: March 23, 2004Seller: Dana Brackett and Craig BassBuyer: Sun Meadow Estates LLCLocation: 329 County Road 216, RiflePrice: $1,165,000Date: March 26, 2004Seller: David Hernandez and Barbara HernandezBuyer: David B. WagnerLocation: 110 Ptarmigan Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $360,000Date: March 26, 2004Seller: Dona TolanBuyer: Curtis W. WarneckeLocation: Lot M-12, Midland Point, CarbondalePrice: $159,900Date: March 25, 2004Seller: Stirling-Sun Mesa Inc.Buyer: Peter C. McCabe III and Cynthia D. McCabeLocation: 0657 Schooner Lane, CarbondalePrice: $415,000Date: March 25, 2004Seller: EVSD LLCBuyer: Talbot D. Hardman and Laura HardmanLocation: 2520 S. Grand Ave. #307, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $249,900Date: March 24, 2004Seller: Loren Cobb and Barbara F. CobbBuyer: Daniel Weis and Pauline D. TrujilloLocation: 200 Oak Run, CarbondalePrice: $379,500Date: March 24, 2004Seller: Levi A. Troyer, Stanton A. Miller and Brian A. MillerBuyer: Terri ODellLocation: Parcel 10, Wild Acres Ranch Subdivision, RiflePrice: $55,000Date: March 25, 2004 Seller: Lakota Canyon Ranch Development LLCBuyer: Hermann StauferLocation: Lot 4, Block G, Lakota Canyon Ranch, Filing No. 1, New CastlePrice: $174,500Date: March 26, 2004 Seller: Lakota Canyon Ranch Development LLCBuyer: Dustin Carnahan and Charity CarnahanLocation: Lot 33, Block H, Lakota Canyon Ranch, Filing No. 2, New CastlePrice: $92,500Date: March 26, 2004

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