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Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Stanislaw and Halina UrbaniakBuyer: Stanislaw Urbaniak – Trustee and Stanislaw Urbaniak Living TrustAddress: none listedPrice: none listedDate: Mar 29, 2006Seller: Andrea L. PeabodyBuyer: Charlotte A. BlueAddress: 13 Limberpine, Battlement MesaPrice: $181,000Date: Apr 14, 2006Seller: Frank Daley, Susan D. Myers, and James E. MyersBuyer: Marc P. and Marilyn C. HoganAddress: TBD SiltPrice: $165,000Date: Apr 14, 2006Seller: Gary and Ann CoxBuyer: Darwin V. RaymondAddress: 1287 Rimrock Dr., SiltPrice: $85,900Date: Apr 14, 2006Seller: Fortunato Villalvazo RiveraBuyer: Fortunato and Esperanza VillalvazoAddress: 1156 East 8th St., RiflePrice: 0Date: Apr 10, 2006Seller: Bradley L. and Danielle C. ChaffeeBuyer: John C. and Marianne K. TaylorAddress: River Valley Ranch PHIII AMD L1-9B-M&L104 Lot 8 Block MPrice: $750,000Date: Apr 11, 2006Seller: Colorado Rainmakers LLC and 1575 Crawford Way LLCBuyer: David and Megan ProsserAddress: Cardiff Glen PUD FL 2 Lot 44Price: $305,000Date: Apr 13, 2006Seller: Specialty Restaurants CorpBuyer: Gary R. and Shiela L. McGillAddress: none listedPrice: $183,000Date: Apr 17, 2006Seller: PM LLCBuyer: Trent R. and Kimberly A. PiersonAddress: 2498 Pioneer Way, RiflePrice: $242,100Date: Apr 17, 2006Seller: Francisco and Hilda RamirezBuyer: Francisco Ramirez and Hilda PavonAddress: 1340 Barber Dr., CarbondalePrice: 0Date: Apr 13, 2006Seller: Genaro Suarez Campos and Paula Lynn SuarezBuyer: Martin Gonzalez Lozano and Beatriz RuizAddress: 1588 Arabian Ave., RiflePrice: $253,500Date: Apr 14, 2006Seller: Heather Ann Arbaney and Buster Lewis ArbaneyBuyer: John Creed and Bridget Kobe ClaytonAddress: 625 Lariat Loop, New CastlePrice: $305,000Date: Apr 17, 2006Seller: John A. and Colleen GrothBuyer: Robert L. and Janet L. McNuttAddress: River Ridge PUD Lot 4, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $180,000Date: Apr 18, 2006Seller: Samuel RobinsonBuyer: Ricky HirneisenAddress: TBD Railroad Ave., ParachutePrice: $40,000Date: Apr 13, 2006Seller: Galen L. and Virginia M. ClarkBuyer: Jenna E. and Kelly HemphillAddress: 30 Holly Way, ParachutePrice: $230,000Date: Apr 14, 2006Seller: Kelly and Michael Lyon Family LLCBuyer: Eric L. and Carol N. VaughanAddress: 1201 Rimrock Dr., SiltPrice: $95,500Date: Apr 14, 2006Seller: Scott E. Summers, Sr. and Sheila L. SummersBuyer: Genaro Suarez Campos and Paula L. SuarezAddress: 0796 County Road 259, RiflePrice: $460,000Date: Apr 14, 2006Seller: Christine K. HollandBuyer: Jessie W. and Donnis W. CoatesAddress: TBD SiltPrice: $120,000Date: Apr 13, 2006Seller: Richard C. and Kathie M. WarnerBuyer: Mary K. BowdenAddress: 117 Willow Creek Trail, ParachutePrice: $253,000Date: Apr 14, 2006Seller: David and Stephanie BrownBuyer: Allison D. MeekerAddress: Los Amigos Ranch Fl 5 PH 2 Lot 65Price: $164,000Date: Apr 18, 2006Seller: Dimatteo Bond Dev Co L PBuyer: Mayfly 20 LLCAddress: 70 Cutbow Lane, CarbondalePrice: $208,500Date: Apr 18, 2006Seller: Stuart SosonkoBuyer: Mayfly 21 LLCAddress: 34 Cutbow Lane, CarbondalePrice: $208,500Date: Apr 18, 2006Seller: Don Schoon Drywall Co Inc. – DBA and Don Schoon Construction Inc.Buyer: James J. and Teresa L. BreslinAddress: 1123 Stoney Ridge Dr., SiltPrice: $375,000Date: Apr 18, 2006

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