Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Renee Marie PogrowBuyer: Marsha B. Kesselring – AIF & IND and Joanne M. StanleyAddress: 1020 Colorado Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $395,000Date: Apr 17, 2006Seller: Elk Springs LLCBuyer: Lea R. and Tyler R. ZugschwerdtAddress: 0245 Woodruff Rd., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $125,000Date: Apr 19, 2006Seller: Mark D. and Vickie Y. JohnstonBuyer: James A. and Pearl M. KnightAddress: 3 Alpine Court, ParachutePrice: $209,000Date: Apr 19, 2006Seller: Felix and Esther CerpaBuyer: Ignacio Ledezma Sandoval and Maribel DiazAddress: 151 Current Ave., New CastlePrice: $280,000Date: Apr 18, 2006Seller: Josiah Collins Ruple III and Meredith Anne RupleBuyer: Town of New CastleAddress: Coryell No 1 Lot 1 Block BPrice: $0Date: Apr 6, 2006Seller: Mary Lou ThurstonBuyer: Rodney Clark SchmitzerAddress: 79 West Bonanza Place, ParachutePrice: $123,300Date: Apr 20, 2006Seller: Savage Limited Partnership IBuyer: Savage Land Co Inc.Address: 1882 Trapper Court, RiflePrice: $80,000Date: Apr 13, 2006Seller: Dan R. and Krystal MageeBuyer: John E. and Diane GreenAddress: 430 McCarron Ave., RiflePrice: $182,300Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Kerri and Abdollah PirzadehBuyer: Giorgio Ferrero and Martine A. ColAddress: 1901 Colorow Rd., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $480,000Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Mark C. and Mary A. GouldBuyer: Sean A. and Jonni B. MartinAddress: 75 Buffalo, CarbondalePrice: $110,000Date: Apr 20, 2006Seller: Eric Faas – Trustee and Faye B. Faas TrustBuyer: Randy DeherreraAddress: 328 Faas Ranch Dr., New CastlePrice: $135,000Date: Apr 19, 2006Seller: Falmouth Inc.Buyer: John F. and Hayley L. ChandlerAddress: TBD Surrey St., CarbondalePrice: $0Date: Mar 9, 2006Seller: Ellen RossBuyer: Nancy J. CarlsonAddress: 193 Mountain Meadows, CarbondalePrice: $890,000Date: Apr 24, 2006Seller: William L. Wallen IVBuyer: Tammy J. TuckerAddress: 917 Cowen Dr., CarbondalePrice: $280,000Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Cynthia A. NewmanBuyer: Troy Buster and Billie PorterAddress: 0732 Cayon Creek Dr., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $420,000Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Savage Limited Partnership IBuyer: Savage Land Co Inc.Address: TBD Trapper Court/E 18th St., RiflePrice: $67,500Date: Feb 15, 2006Seller: Ada WagstromBuyer: Jason C. and Ragina M. ShoupAddress: 0162 Miller Lane, RiflePrice: none listedDate: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Ada WagstrpomBuyer: Jason C. and Ragina M. ShoupAddress: 0162 Miller Lane, RiflePrice: $278,000Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Amy R. Jensen and Mace W. JensenBuyer: Robert MclellandAddress: 410 North Valley Rd., SiltPrice: $195,000Date: Apr 20, 2006Seller: Tanya L. CollinsBuyer: Thomas W. Collins and Karma JonesAddress: 17 Mineral Springs Circle, ParachutePrice: none listedDate: Mar 31, 2006Seller: Russell and Joleen R. PaizBuyer: Norman H. and Virginia E. HuntAddress: 73 Lupine Ln., Battlement MesaPrice: $233,500Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Wendy Harrison – AIF and Deerfield Park LLCBuyer: Mark and Vickie JohnstonAddress: 393 Evergreen Dr., RiflePrice: $229,900Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Janet C. SmithBuyer: Adam CornelyAddress: 532 Jacobs Place, CarbondalePrice: $215,500Date: Apr 19, 2006Seller: Solomon and Katherine A. CarricoBuyer: David L. and Betty S. CarricoAddress: 341 Park Dr., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $325,000Date: Apr 14, 2006Seller: Jerry W. VaughnBuyer: Lucas A. CoryellAddress: 1024 Munro Ave., RiflePrice: $182,000Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Federal Home Loan Mtg CorpBuyer: Sling HerrmanAddress: 102 Main St., SiltPrice: $114,000Date: none listedSeller: Elk Springs LLCBuyer: Barbara PytlewskiAddress: 0738 Wood Nymph Ln., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $139,000Date: Apr 18, 2006Seller: Cody and Janaye AndersonBuyer: Alicia Berlinda and Donald Christopher WortonAddress: 1385 Em Ave., SiltPrice: $167,000Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Elk Springs LLCBuyer: John K. and Myrna B. AdamsAddress: 1639 Elk Springs Dr., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $185,000Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Allen W. and Sherry M. TardifBuyer: Robert E. and Joely L. LarsenAddress: 1188 Eagle Springs Ranch Rd., SiltPrice: $364,500Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Aaron M. ClarkBuyer: Edward M. OmaraAddress: 427 Lodgepole Circle, ParachutePrice: $339,900Date: Apr 24, 2006Seller: Brent W. LawsonBuyer: David W. and Shirley B. LawsonAddress: 735 Park Ave., RiflePrice: $62,300Date: Apr 25, 2006Seller: Colorado LLCBuyer: Edward T. PepperAddress: 650 N. Bridge Dr., CarbondalePrice: $125,000Date: Apr 24, 2006Seller: Michael Misek and Ruth WhitneyBuyer: Norman G. ByeAddress: 320 North 11th St., SiltPrice: $245,000Date: Apr 24, 2006Seller: BDFZ Developers LLCBuyer: Isabel O. JimenezAddress: 756 E. 17th St., RiflePrice: $289,000Date: Apr 25, 2006Seller: Alan D. DuncanBuyer: Judy SpasserAddress: TBD Front St., SiltPrice: $115,000Date: Apr 21, 2006Seller: Lucky Strike No 4,5,6,7,8,21,22,23,27, Good Hope No 45, 46, EV Land CompanyBuyer: EV Land CompanyAddress: none listedPrice: none listedDate: Mar 1, 2006

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