Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Larry R. HonBuyer: Lisa G. McDonaldAddress: 509 Hyland Park Dr., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $365,000Date: May 10, 2006Seller: Carolyn M. HansenBuyer: Levi and Kelli E. HancockAddress: 192 Roan Creek Dr., ParachutePrice: $470,000Date: May 3, 2006Seller: Robert E. Donlan Buyer: Robert E. Donlan TrustAddress: 323 Whiteriver Ave., RiflePrice: none listedDate: May 10, 2006Seller: Robert E. DonlanBuyer: Robert E. Donlan TrustAddress: 5655 County Road 100, CarbondalePrice: none listedDate: May 10, 2006Seller: Accord Development Inc.Buyer: Joshua and Amanda MerkleyAddress: 1719 Ballard Ave., SiltPrice: $258,800Date: May 5, 2006Seller: James Sean and Lisa J. JonesBuyer: Tamera A. and Michael S. JenkinsAddress: 720 Storm King Circle, New CastlePrice: $300,000Date: May 8, 2006Seller: Gerald Shane SchliesserBuyer: Cole W. and Joyce M. MoultonAddress: 5911 County Road 233, SiltPrice: $298,500Date: May 5, 2006Seller: Keith S. Taylor and Eric FisherBuyer: Stephen Scott Billeisen and Wingate WatsonAddress: 0059 Iron Horse Rd., CarbondalePrice: $549,500Date: May 9, 2006Seller: Jose Reynerio Membreno and Maria V. Turbin MedinaBuyer: Robert CowdreyAddress: 2824 Hager Ln., 3-F, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $205,000Date: May 9, 2006Seller: Robert CowdreyBuyer: Robert and Nancy CowdreyAddress: 2824 Hager Ln #3-F, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $0Date: May 9, 2006Seller: Battlement Mesa PartnersBuyer: Cimarron Land & Homes LLCAddress: 17 Black Sulphur Pl., ParachutePrice: $17,000Date: May 9, 2006Seller: Mary R. AndersonBuyer: Rogelio Barragan IslasAddress: 303 Wild Rose Ln., ParachutePrice: $130,000Date: May 10, 2006Seller: Walter O. and Yvone ScheerBuyer: G. Thomas Morton and Debra E. Rivera MortonAddress: 11803 County Road 320, RiflePrice: $365,000Date: May 10, 2006Seller: Battlement Mesa PartnersBuyer: Jeffrey D. BradleyAddress: 35 Mesa Vista Pl., Battlement MesaPrice: $66,000Date: May 10, 2006Seller: Four Points Properties LLCBuyer: Zachery J. CoombsAddress: 336 Prefontaine Ave., RiflePrice: $153,800Date: May 11, 2006Seller: Castle Valley Center LLCBuyer: New Castle Center LLCAddress: Walters Center PUD Lot 1Price: $1,600,000Date: May 10, 2006Seller: Ronald Keith and Michelle LloydBuyer: Joaquin and Luz OlivasAddress: 4011 Sky Ranch Dr., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $515,000Date: May 11, 2006Seller: Michael S. and Kimberly D. GallagherBuyer: Daniel and Rachel GoddardAddress: 927 Vitos Way, CarbondalePrice: $339,500Date: May 10, 2006Seller: Snow Country Investments II LLCBuyer: Snowmass Lawn & Plant Inc.Address: 16704 Highway 82, CarbondalePrice: $300,000Date: May 1, 2006Seller: Nancy J. CarlsonBuyer: Carol B. RichAddress: 0507 Westbank Rd., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $665,000Date: May 10, 2006Seller: Greg Tamburello – AKA, Gregory J. Tamburello, Anne Tamburello – AKA, and Anne E. TamburelloBuyer: Lacy Park LLCAddress: none listedPrice: $330,000Date: May 11, 2006Seller: Debra Audrey StollerBuyer: R C & Associates LLCAddress: 875 Antler Pt Ln., SiltPrice: $80,000Date: May 11, 2006Seller: Mark D. and Lynda R. MillerBuyer: Suzanne C. CaldwellAddress: 455 Elm Ave., RiflePrice: $200,000Date: May 11, 2006Seller: Savage Limited Partnership IBuyer: Jack E. and Mary Lou RhineAddress: 1921 Anvil View Ave., RiflePrice: $95,000Date: May 11, 2006Seller: Timothy K. and Brenda A. CopelandBuyer: Jaime TalingoAddress: 1540 Arabian Ave., RiflePrice: $294,900Date: May 11, 2006Seller: Francisco J. and Hilda A. MarquezBuyer: Raudel SalazarAddress: 144 W. 4th St., RiflePrice: $240,000Date: May 30, 2006Seller: Robert W. and Susan FoxBuyer: Marissa WoolseyAddress: 5103 Sunset Court, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $199,000Date: May 26, 2006Seller: Scott and Armeda WinterBuyer: Bobby R. HarrisonAddress: 2606 Apache Court, RiflePrice: $210,000Date: May 31, 2006Seller: Christine B. Upperstrom Living TrustBuyer: Christine B. and Fred G. UpperstromAddress: 195 Dakota Meadows Dr., CarbondalePrice: none listedDate: May 23, 2006Seller: Whitehorse Village LLCBuyer: William G. and Sarah P. ArrasmithAddress: 300 Whitehorse Dr., New CastlePrice: $379,900Date: Apr 25, 2006Seller: Christopher J. and Melanie L. CoffeltBuyer: Scott Alan Brunswick and Dana J. InjerdAddress: 1342 Firethorn Dr., RiflePrice: $352,500Date: May 30, 2006Seller: Denise Anne MillerBuyer: Gena Miller HawkinsAddress: 550 Jacobs Place, CarbondalePrice: $126,400Date: May 31, 2006Seller: Doris J. FaustBuyer: James Thurston and Kelly HardingAddress: 537 S. 2nd St., CarbondalePrice: $200,000Date: May 31, 2006Seller: Joseph G. Quigg and Thelma I. Guzman QuiggBuyer: Elizabeth Anne KitsonAddress: 510 Hutton, RiflePrice: $254,000Date: May 31, 2006Seller: Sharon K. PaulBuyer: Lee J. and Cynthia A. MoldenhauerAddress: 312 Mesquite Court, New CastlePrice: $310,000Date: May 31, 2006Seller: Ernest M. Pitt Jr. – AIF, Rod K. Johnson, and Keri J. JohnsonBuyer: James William TaylorAddress: # illegible, Arrowhead Trial, RiflePrice: $540,000Date: May 31, 2006Seller: Jerry H. Hammer and Mary Anne TaylorBuyer: Ben Herr and John J. PavellAddress: 2525 S. Grand Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $550,000Date: May 30, 2006Seller: Steven L. and Cathy CloseBuyer: Samuel P. and Leticia L. GarciaAddress: 380 Oak Run, CarbondalePrice: $557,000Date: May 31, 2006Seller: Lori J. OsbornBuyer: Densie K. and William C. LynchAddress: 10 Harris Dr., CarbondalePrice: $425,000Date: May 30, 2006Seller: Victor and Ellen M. TorellBuyer: Diane T. MollerAddress: 4032 Crystal Bridge, CarbondalePrice: $1,180,000Date: May 30, 2006Seller: La Fontana Plaza LLCBuyer: Smith & Hammel LLCAddress: 566 & 568 Highway 233, CarbondalePrice: $685,000Date: May 31, 2006Seller: Robert L. and Carolyn J. WoodBuyer: Kit J. and Ramie CheneyAddress: 23 W. Ridge Court, ParachutePrice: $237,500Date: May 31, 2006Seller: Savage Limited Partnership IBuyer: Linda Bessette and Kim M. PotterAddress: vacant lots, RiflePrice: $163,000Date: May 31, 2006Seller: Sandor and Amanda BenisBuyer: Christopher M. and Courtney B. GreyAddress: 2265 Morning Star Dr., SiltPrice: $269,500Date: May 31, 2006

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