Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Sonshine II Construction & Development LLCBuyer: Charles EngelbertAddress: 988 E. 18th St., RiflePrice: $290,885Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Ivan D. Rascon and Edelmira RasconBuyer: Heather L. Martin and Johnathan T. MullenAddress: 731 Burning Mountain Ave., New CastlePrice: $174,100Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Kenra C. McKennisBuyer: Tree Frog Investments LLCAddress: Four Mile Ranch Subdivision, Lot 54, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $188,000Date: July 13, 2006Seller: Wallace J. BallardBuyer: Wendy S. MooreAddress: 85 Ptarmigan Lane, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $375,000Date: July 14, 2006Seller: MCK Company Inc.Buyer: Kelly J. Griller and Chad F. GrillerAddress: 369 Faas Ranch Road, New CastlePrice: $539,000Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Andrew Anderson and Inge S. AndersonBuyer: Eleazar Munoz and Hulda MunozAddress: 0693 Canyon Creek Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $403,000Date: July 13, 2006Seller: Sun Meadow Estates LLCBuyer: Paul A. Pera and Carol J. PeraAddress: 279 County Road 216, RiflePrice: $450,450Date: July 11, 2006Seller: Bryan M. Janckila and Rachel L. JanckilaBuyer: Thomas Karol Dujka and Trena S. DujkaAddress: 650 E. First St., New CastlePrice: $375,000 Date: July 13, 2006Seller: Cerise Ranch LLCBuyer: Sheryl BartoAddress: 14 Larkspur Drive, CarbondalePrice: $240,000Date: July 7, 2006Seller: Cheryl Ann KlineBuyer: Ron Barnes and Michelle MontanyAddress: 630 Surrey Road, CarbondalePrice: $556,000Date: July 6, 2006Seller: Michael J. Gerber and Barbara L. GerberBuyer: Chad B. Jewell and Lori A. JewellAddress: 0012 River Park, CarbondalePrice: $160,000Date: July 12, 2006Seller: Jim E. Luginbuhl–Individually & Attorney in Fact for Paul B. LuginbuhlBuyer: Juan MedinaAddress: Native Springs Estates, Lot 3, RiflePrice: $159,900Date: July 10, 2006Seller: Roy L. McCormick and Clara M. McCormickBuyer: Ervin R. Averett and Lisa D. AverettAddress: 22 hawthorne Way, ParachutePrice: $271,000Date: July 7, 2006Seller: Robert Hendee and Donna Lee HendeeBuyer: David Bleakley and Dorothy BleakleyAddress: 387 Meadow Lane, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $525,000Date: July 11, 2006Seller: Patricia SavoyBuyer: Norman Koven and Linda KovenAddress: 1165 Park Ave., RiflePrice: $143,000Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Ethel Bengree JonesBuyer: Fabio CarbajalAddress: 625 Spring Wagon Court, CarbondalePrice: $479,900Date: July 17, 2006Seller: David C. MooreBuyer: John Zeller and Joy ZellerAddress: 1026 Domelby Court, SiltPrice: none listedDate: July 14, 2006Seller: Diane K. CappsBuyer: Diane K. Capps and Lee H. CappsAddress: 195 Fourth St., CarbondalePrice: none listedDate: July 11, 2006Seller: David A. Richey and Elizabeth L. RicheyBuyer: Mary G. MorganAddress: 2910 Hager Lane, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $330,000Date: July 18, 2006Seller: Jennifer L. ColeBuyer: Scott Vance and Rebekah L. VanceAddress: 0165 Cliff View Circle, Battlement MesaPrice: $195,000Date: July 17, 2006Seller: West Rifle Industrial Park LLCBuyer: Western Oilfields Supply Company, A California CorporationAddress: 121 Oil Court, RiflePrice: $367,500Date: July 17, 2006Seller: Jennifer P. FlynnBuyer: Chad M. Sivik and Mandi L. SivikAddress: 1147 Park Ave., RiflePrice: $145,000Date: July 17, 2006Seller: Sam GerredBuyer: Joel GdowskiAddress: 509 25th Place, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $345,000Date: July 17, 2006

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