Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Gene A. Karr Jr. and Connie M. KarrBuyer: Maria Luz HernandezAddress: 1005 Wamsley Way, RiflePrice: $184,000Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Dieter Sander and Carina SanderBuyer: Kenneth Ward and Claudia WardAddress: 1238 County Road 335, New CastlePrice: $345,000Date: July 13, 2006Seller: SMI LLLPBuyer: Brook Van Syckel and David M. Van SyckelAddress: 691 Bristlecone Way, SiltPrice: $204,500Date: July 14, 2006Seller: SMI LLLPBuyer: Heriberto DominguezAddress: 687 Bristlecone Way, SiltPrice: $209,900Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Diana G. Moore-Trustee, Diana G. Moore Revocable TrustBuyer: Hagemann Builders Inc.Address: 1196 Heritage, CarbondalePrice: $195,000Date: July 14, 2006Seller: SMI LLLPBuyer: Hector A. CorralAddress: 689 Bristlecone Way, SiltPrice: $201,300Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Robert M. Moore Jr. and Wendy S. MooreBuyer: Charles T. Chacos and Andrea ChacosAddress: 435 Boyd Drive, CarbondalePrice: $567,000Date: July 13, 2006Seller: Robert A. Stone-Trustee, Robert A. Stone Living Trust and Shirley B. Stone-Trustee, Shirley B. Stone Living TrustBuyer: Peter Koss and Constanza KossAddress: 0242 Midland Point Road, CarbondalePrice: $184,000Date: July 13, 2006Seller: Neil C. Pursley and Janice K. PursleyBuyer: John W. Selsor and Connie Jean SelsorAddress: 3702 Red Bluff Lane, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $399,900Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Heather Layne MartinBuyer: Charles R. Henry Jr.Address: 775A W. 24th St., RiflePrice: $185,000Date: July 11, 2006Seller: Steven Fred Kentz and Su Ann KentzBuyer: Dan MoriartyAddress: 3900 Old Lodge Road, Building A, Unit #2, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $210,00Date: July 17, 2006Seller: Trena ChambersBuyer: Katrhryn Lindsey Deal and Andrew BratcherAddress: 460 Maroon Circle, New CastlePrice: $228,000Date: July 17, 2006Seller: Robert W. Richard and Arcella E. RichardBuyer: Roy L. McCormick and Clara M. McCormickAddress: 151 S. Ridge Court, ParachutePrice: $195,000Date: July 7, 2006Seller: Gerald L. Marshel and Janice J. MarshelBuyer: Donald P. Beecraft and Susan A. BeecraftAddress: 290 Roan Creek Drive, ParachutePrice: $329,900Date: July 13, 2006Seller: Martha D. SaundersBuyer: Chris NuzumAddress: 315 Evans Ave., ParachutePrice: $125,000Date: July 11, 2006Seller: Buddy Rogers and Mary K. RogersBuyer: Christopher LehmanAddress: 760 W. 30th St., RiflePrice: $295,000Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Robert Masias and Tracy MasiasBuyer: Jerry L. Barnum and Stacey L. BarnumAddress: 2712 West Ave., RiflePrice: $244,900Date: July 18, 2006Seller: Gregory P. Jeung and Sean JeungBuyer: Mark S. Dyer and Deborah PoleriAddress: 1221 Blake Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $400,000Date: July 18, 2006Seller: Ginger Watts and Jeannine F. ArtazBuyer: Steven K. BarbeeAddress: 509 W. 12th St., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $265,000Date: July 19, 2006Seller: Ed Ptacek III and Jennifer Lynn PtacekBuyer: Jannette L. Murison and Michael S. MurisonAddress: 481 Mesa Verde Ave., CarbondalePrice: $358,000Date: July 17, 2006Seller: Elk Springs LLCBuyer: Victor L. MartensenAddress: 0105 Primrose Point, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $185,000Date: July 18, 2006Seller: Ironbridge Homes LLCBuyer: Kristin L. FerreiraAddress: 0136 Silver Mountain Dr., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $208,845Date: July 17, 2006Seller: George H. Wear-Individually & Attorney in Fact for Toni N. NapolitanoBuyer: Robert L. Masias Jr. and Tracy M. MasiasAddress: 0588 County Road 250, SiltPrice: $515,000Date: July 18, 2006

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