Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

eller: Jan Fit and Jozefa FitBuyer: James C. Bain and Joan B. BainAddress: 0110 Oak Lane, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $575,000Date: July 17, 2006Seller: Elk Springs LLCBuyer: Peter ToborekAddress: 0488 Wood Nymph Lane, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $139,000Date: July 18, 2006Seller: Oak Meadows Development Corp.Buyer: John N. YoungAddress: 0035 Haystack Road, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $122,000Date: July 18, 2006Seller: William E. DockenBuyer: Aaron J. LundbladAddress: 2824 Hagar Lane, 3D, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $206,000Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Gary M. Hoof and Sheralyn D. HoofBuyer: Ethel Bengree JonesAddress: 610 E. First St., New CastlePrice: $410,000Date: July 18, 2006Buyer: Susan Jo Goldberg Revocable TrustAddress: 721 Pine Court, New CastlePrice: none listedDate: July 6, 2006Seller: Garfield County CommisionersBuyer: Brikor Development LLCAddress: 902 Taughenbaugh Blvd., RiflePrice: $373,500Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Renee Obrochta and Walter ObrochtaBuyer: Michael P. Hillis and Kathleen A. HillisAddress: 2545 Fairview Heights Court, RiflePrice: $323,000Date: July 17, 2006Seller: Cynthia R. ReganBuyer: Ebedel GonzalezAddress: 610 Hutton Ave., RiflePrice: $319,900Date: July 17, 2006Seller: WSJ LLCBuyer: Savage Land Company Inc.Address: 1498 Fir Court, RiflePrice: $35,000Date: July 19, 2006Seller: Savage Land Company Inc.Buyer: Ada L. WagstromAddress: 1498 Fir Court, RiflePrice: $241,000Date: July 19, 2006Seller: Steve F. Turza and Tamara A. TurzaBuyer: Kurtis E. KlemmAddress: 1461 Dogwood Drive, RiflePrice: $284,000Date: July 19, 2006Seller: Savage Land Company Inc.Buyer: Cheri Lynn BlotskeAddress: 839 E. 18th St., RiflePrice: $259,950Date: July 19, 2006Seller: Nathan Moen and Charlene Moen, formerly known as Charlene HillBuyer: James H. Schuckers and Shelly A. SchuckersAddress: 15 Aspen Way, ParachutePrice: $215,000Date: July 7, 2006Seller: Lee Ann Canterbury, Individually and Attorney in Fact for James CanterburyBuyer: Michael Konopka and Cristy KonopkaAddress: 241 Fourth St., SiltPrice: $249,000Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Lawrence R. Henderson and Melba HendersonBuyer: James Maxson and Wendy MaxsonAddress: 1021 Domelby, SiltPrice: $175,300Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Harvest Homes & Development Co. LLCBuyer: Jeremy Keranen and Gloria KeranenAddress: 2222 Morning Star Drive, SiltPrice: $370,000Date: July 13, 2006Seller: Ebedel C. GonzalezBuyer: Grabiela QuezadaAddress: 932 24th St., RiflePrice: $168,500Date: July 10, 2006Seller: Wells Fargo Bank, successor by merger to Wells Fargo Bank WestBuyer: Jorge E. Rodriquez and Mirlo RodriquezAddress: 1415 Orchard Ave., SiltPrice: $180,000Date: June 13, 2006Seller: Oak Meadows Development Corp.Buyer: Keith Andrew Wittenberg and Hanna Marie WittenbergAddress: 0042 haystack Rd., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $125,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Curtis M. GoodnightBuyer: Dan Weis and Pauline TrujilloAddress: 86 Roaring Fork Ave., #B2, CarbondalePrice: $203,200Date: July 19, 2006Seller: Elk Springs LLCBuyer: Michael G. McDillAddress: 1135 Elk Springs Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $155,750Date: July 18, 2006Seller: Joyce B. Swanson-Trustee and David C. Swanson-Trustee, Joyce B. and David C. Swanson TrustBuyer: Gregory P. Jeung and Sean JeungAddress: 1188 County Road 129, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $520,000Date: July 19, 2006Seller: Terri L. HammondBuyer: Sandra I. Guzman Henrriquez and Transito G. Requeno SortoAddress: 733 Ginseng, New CastlePrice: $319,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Angelo CardilloBuyer: Gene A. Karr Jr. and Connie M. KarrAddress: 135 Floral Drive, SiltPrice: $275,000Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Cherise K. Grettner and John CalderonBuyer: Robert D. KelleyAddress: 152 Harmony Way, SiltPrice: none listedDate: July 19, 2006Seller: John TaplerBuyer: Lester Ray Hanks and Joyce Ann HanksAddress: 63 Cherry Court, New CastlePrice: $150,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Arthur Deane Buck Buyer: Scott F. BeckerAddress: 640 Moki Ave., RiflePrice: $289,900Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Michael D. Knox and Kathleen S. KnoxBuyer: George & Mary Hill TrustAddress: 67 Hogan Circle, ParachutePrice: $290,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Charles E. Griffin and Vivian J. GriffinBuyer: Steven R. Williams and Laura Janaye WilliamsAddress: 3923 County Road 233, SiltPrice: $510,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Battlement Mesa PartnersBuyer: David B. TuttleAddress: 388 Meadow Creek Drive, ParachutePrice: $62,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: John B. Scalzo, Individually and as Attorney in Fact, Mary A. Hybarger, and Filomae M. ZarlingoBuyer: Scalzo Ranch LLCAddress: Scalzo Ranch Annexation, Lot A, RiflePrice: $300,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Stephanie A. Hernandez, Individually and as Attorney in Fact for Jeffrey P. RippBuyer: Jeffrey P. Ripp and Stephanie A. RippAddress: 412 Arnold Ave., RiflePrice: none listedDate: July 20, 2006

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