Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Jeffrey TonderBuyer: David L. Pennington Jr. and Donnielle M. PenningtonAddress: 50 Sumac Court, ParachutePrice: $329,500Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Adam M. WhittBuyer: Hector MendozaAddress: 1355 Firethorn Drive, RiflePrice: $298,000Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Clifford R. Parker and Colette G. ParkerBuyer: Allen W. Tardif and Sherry M. TardifAddress: Springridge Place Subdivision, Lot 6, CarbondalePrice: $225,000Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Marcos ContomayBuyer: Refugio Ulloa Martinez and Patricia UlloaAddress: 251 Cottonwood Drive, SiltPrice: $225,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Michelle BunnBuyer: Pamela BunnAddress: 286 W. Main St., New CastlePrice: $195,000Date: July 12, 2006Seller: Kevin Michael Bruce and Conni Jean BruceBuyer: Kevin Michael BruceAddress: 188 Surrey Rd., CarbondalePrice: none listedDate: July 14, 2006Seller: Dia Lynn-Trustee, Dia Lynn Living TrustBuyer: Ruben Vigil Ramirez and Dulce M. Vigil AyalaAddress: 344 Mountain Shadows, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $410,000Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Kelly & Michael Lyon Family LLCBuyer: Robert T. Sinclair and Kimbrell MooreAddress: 266 Fieldstone Court, SiltPrice: $85,500Date: July 11, 2006Seller: Lise E. GresockBuyer: Joshua Landis and Donna BrownAddress: 312 W. Main St., New CastlePrice: $175,680Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Midland Center LLCBuyer: Alan J. Cappo and Cheri A. CappoAddress: 0100 Midland Ave., Nos. 150, 170, 270, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $1,700,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Dennis R. Lawrence-Trustee, Dennis R. Lawrence Trust; John S. Gibbs-Trustee, Gibbs Revocable Trust; Peter M. Waller-Trustee and Regina S. Waller-Trustee, Waller Family Revocable Trust; and Robert Asa JonesBuyer: Baker Binkley LLCAddress: Van Rand Center Condo, TBD Grand Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: none listedDate: June 30, 2006Seller: Steven Ray Williams and Laura Janaye WilliamsBuyer: Irma TorresAddress: 781 Latigo Loop, CarbondalePrice: $475,000Date: July 19, 2006Seller: Andre Colo Wille, Attorney in Fact for O. Louis WilleBuyer: Lanita G. HortonAddress: 383 Boundary Lane, CarbondalePrice: $495,000Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Pamela S. Weber, now known as Pamela Weber RosenfeldBuyer: Barbara A. Hansen and David H. HamelAddress: 1195 Vitos Way, CarbondalePrice: $407,500Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Barbara A. HansenBuyer: Betsy A. Brownell and Gregory R. BroseAddress: 123 Garfield Ave., CarbondalePrice: $331,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Candelario Deluera and Judith DelueraBuyer: Enrique Juarez and Rocio QuizAddress: 535 Arnold Ave., RiflePrice: $180,000Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Mark S. O. Rice and Debi E. RiceBuyer: Samuel FloresAddress: 1425 Orchard Ave., SiltPrice: $204,000Date: July 24, 2006Seller: Charles D. Guinn and Kathleen N. GuinnBuyer: John R. Bender and Margaret h. BenderAddress: Kings Row Subdivision, Filing 1, Lot 41, CarbondalePrice: $850,000Date: July 21, 2006Seller: John TikunoffBuyer: Heather Ward and Benoit De FranciscoAddress: Dakota Meadows Row House, Lots 17, 18 & 21, CarbondalePrice: $415,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Patricia R. YostBuyer: Gabriel M. Matherly, R. Bruce Matherly, and Melissa D. MatherlyAddress: 1527 Blake Ave., #209, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $164,000Date: July 26, 2006Seller: Clifford B. Cappelli and Monica H. CappelliBuyer: Gary Buddy Rogers and Mary K. RogersAddress: 651 Cedar Breaks, RiflePrice: $383,000Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Promontory Development Company LLCBuyer: Kristin Alissa ComerfordAddress: 1106 E. 19th St., RiflePrice: $315,500Date: July 24, 2006Seller: Dianne M. NewbillBuyer: Lanny K. Hansen and Carol D. HansenAddress: 2001 Rioneer Drive, SiltPrice: $291,900Date: July 25, 2006Seller: Helen Ann Jones and Ruth A. KottenBuyer: Judy K. MartinAddress: 2015 Blake Ave., #13-B, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $169,900Date: July 25, 2006Seller: Anna Spalding-Individually and as Attorney in Fact for Janet B. WirthBuyer: Janice L. CowanAddress: 2701 Midland Ave., Unit 527, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $199,000Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Village Homes of Colorado Inc.Buyer: Scott P. Hirsch and Teresa H. HirschAddress: 726 S. Wild Horse Dr., New CastlePrice: $310,452Date: July 26, 2006Seller: Michael Bennett and Bonita F. BennettBuyer: Miguel Gonzalez ViramontesAddress: 858 Ute Circle, New CastlePrice: $482,500Date: July 26, 2006Seller: Edward J. Hoaglund and Ida Lee HoaglundBuyer: Darter LLCAddress: Valley View Village Subdivision, Lot 47, Battlement MesaPrice: $145,500Date: July 13, 2006Seller: 1101 Village Road LLCBuyer: Topaz Colorado LLCAddress: 1101 Village Rd., Bldg. C, CarbondalePrice: $1,030,000Date: July 25, 2006Seller: Robert F. Blanchard and Sarah C. BlanchardBuyer: Hannah F. Jackson and Jeffrey B. JacksonAddress: 631 Colorado Ave., CarbondalePrice: $295,000Date: July 26, 2006

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