Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: 2 River Properties Inc., Vance Johnson-Attorney in FactBuyer: Richard B. Luetke and Amy M. LuetkeAddress: 271 Mikala Lane, New CastlePrice: $252,525Date: July 28, 2006Seller: Tells Meadow LLCBuyer: Travis R. ThompsonAddress: 455 Wild Rose Lane, ParachutePrice: $169,900Date: July 17, 2006Seller: Steven M. Johnson and Tracey L. JohnsonBuyer: Delbert E. DawsonAddress: 252 W. First St., ParachutePrice: $205,500Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Lisa M. Millius and Brian D. MilliusBuyer: Miles J. Moran and Elizabeth A. MoranAddress: 38 Ridgeview Place, ParachutePrice: $280,000Date: July 20, 2006Seller: Raymond R. HensleyBuyer: Samuel V. Deloera and Silvia Velasco DeloeraAddress: 93 Columbine Lane, ParachutePrice: $224,900Date: July 25, 2006Seller: Tells Meadows LLCBuyer: Scott A. CommonsAddress: 465 Wild Rose Lane, ParachutePrice: $171,500Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Sarver Plastering Inc.Buyer: Steven C. SklarAddress: 779 N. Seventh St., SiltPrice: $90,000Date: July 27, 2006Seller: April DowneyBuyer: Ronald Lamber and Karen LambertAddress: 503 Spring St., #3, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $290,000Date: July 28, 2006Seller: David A. EberhardtBuyer: Eberhardt LLCAddress: Bunting Subdivision, Lot A & B, CarbondalePrice: none listedDate: July 28, 2006Seller: Ann T. CarterBuyer: Donald R. CarterAddress: Aspen Glen, Filing 2, Lot IS20, CarbondalePrice: none listedDate: July 20, 2006Seller: Mark A. Williams and Jennifer WilliamsBuyer: Jennifer H. CattoAddress: 1192 Heritage Drive, CarbondalePrice: $1,165,000Date: July 26, 2006Seller: Patrick S. Murray and Jocelyn M. MurrayBuyer: Robert O. Glover and Kelley J. BrooksAddress: 1321 Barber Drive, CarbondalePrice: $294,200Date: July 27, 2006Seller: Forest Keith and Kelly KeithBuyer: Mark D. Strickland and Linda M. StricklandAddress: 156 N. Sixth St., New CastlePrice: $255,000Date: July 28, 2006Seller: Peter A. MartinBuyer: Robert D. Reed and Lois Porcelain ReedAddress: 1086 Wheel Drive, CarbondalePrice: $390,000Date: July 28, 2006Seller: Michael E. Schilling, Eugene K. Schilling-Individually and as Attorney in Fact for Steven R. SchillingBuyer: Shaker Merlow LLCAddress: 219 Sopris Ave.,CarbondalePrice: $483,000Date: July 28, 2006Seller: 525 LLCBuyer: Scott C. Finley and Amber C. FinleyAddress: 525 N. Midland Ave., #6, New CastlePrice: $164,000Date: July 28, 2006Seller: Thomas Joseph DevitoBuyer: Margarito Chavez and Maria Eugenia ChavezAddress: 2566 Highway 82, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $476,000Date: July 27, 2006Seller: 211 Eighth LLCBuyer: John L. DicuolloAddress: 341 Cleveland Place, CarbondalePrice: $254,522Date: July 28, 2006Seller: Debra J. GrizzleBuyer: Frankie R. Shaw and Leslie J. ShawAddress: 826 Cedar Drive, RiflePrice: $245,500Date: July 28, 2006Seller: Debra L. WolfBuyer: Randy G. Jacobsen and Thersa S. JacobsenAddress: 610 Lariat Loop, New CastlePrice: $328,500Date: July 28, 2006Seller: Wendy K. KuhlmannBuyer: Suzanne D. Henry and Charles R. Henry Jr.Address: 1002 W. 24th St., RiflePrice: $192,000Date: July 31, 2006Seller: Manuel Abt-Individually and as Attorney in Fact for Patric McLaughlinBuyer: Charles H. Everill and Martha B. EverillAddress: 86 Rocky Road, CarbondalePrice: $508,000Date: July 31, 2006Seller: Iliana C. VasquezBuyer: Juan Arnoldo Vasquez and Jose Ernesto VasquezAddress: 165 Tanager Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: none listedDate: July 26, 2006

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