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Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Jack A. Brendlinger and Marsha A. BrendlingerBuyer: Susan ZukLocation: 0262 Wooden Deer Road, CarbondalePrice: $250,000Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Cooper Best and Jennifer BestBuyer: Scott P. GregoryLocation: 739 30th St., RiflePrice: $192,000Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Jamie L. Allee and Angela L. AlleeBuyer: Nancy R. McanallyLocation: 203 S. Golden Drive, SiltPrice: $247,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Richard Mark Norris and Donna R. NorrisBuyer: Kelley S. Hubbell and Platt T. HubbellLocation: 66 Primrose, CarbondalePrice: $699,000Date: May 26, 2004Seller: Judith J. HaptonstallBuyer: Greg McClainLocation: 762 Buckeye Court, RiflePrice: $189,900Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Jon P. Calkins and Jennifer A. CountissBuyer: Antonio Gonzalez and Alicia GonzalezLocation: 1540 Barber Drive, CarbondalePrice: $308,000Date: May 25, 2004Seller: Studio 3 Land Co. LLCBuyer: James S. RabunLocation: 1770 Stocton Road, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $205,000Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Laura L. MarascoBuyer: James Anthony Gault and Elizabeth HenryLocation: 156 Orchard Lane, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $220,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Deerfield Park LLCBuyer: Lanny Neang KernsLocation: 395 Columbine Drive, RiflePrice: $186,500Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Carmen A. AndersonBuyer: Amie L. ArnesonLocation: 151 W. Tamarack Circle, ParachutePrice: $83,000Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Kelly & Michael Lyon Family LLCBuyer: Stephen F. Dawson and Catherine Ann ZyetzLocation: 1818 Medicine Bow Court, SiltPrice: $88,900Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Mary L. AlleeBuyer: Doris FrederickLocation: 15 Wintergreen Way, ParachutePrice: $166,000Date: May 19, 2004Seller: Noe Gomez and Sandra GomezBuyer: Paul H. Dyer and April Rose DyerLocation: 6 Alpine Court, ParachutePrice: $182,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Thomas Gentilcore and Judith R. GentilcoreBuyer: William J. BugniLocation: 489 Lodgepole Circle, ParachutePrice: $30,000Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Donald J. Berger and Janis S. BergerBuyer: Harvest Homes & Development Co. LLCLocation: Lot 11, Sunlight View II Subdivision, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $131,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: James G. Noelker, Sally Ann Noelker, Jessica Jane Noelker Trust, Anna Rose Noelker Trust and Daniel Fitzgerald TrustBuyer: Sam GerredLocation: 509 25th Place, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $260,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: William R. Partridge Jr.Buyer: Joseph K. Lacount and Pamela J. LacountLocation: 2392 Acacia Ave., RiflePrice: $189,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Koski LLCBuyer: Rick Warner and Kathie WarnerLocation: Lot 33A, Rifle Business Park Subdivision, RiflePrice: $375,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Stirling-Sun Mesa Inc.Buyer: John Craig Mulligan and Deborah Kayteen MulliganLocation: 0888 Schooner Lane, CarbondalePrice: $385,000Date: May 24, 2004Seller: Stirling-Sun Mesa Inc.Buyer: Jennifer Lang Twelvetrees and Robert J. TwelvetreesLocation: 0486 Schooner Lane, CarbondalePrice: $285,000Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Toni S. CeriseBuyer: Donald GuntherLocation: 689 Glassier Drive, CarbondalePrice: $359,500Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Garry L. BuzickBuyer: William J. Schoenecker and Mary Ellen SchoeneckerLocation: 609 Lariat Loop, New CastlePrice: $235,900Date: June 1, 2004Seller: David Richard Thomson and Laurie Jean ThomsonBuyer: Jesus Godinez MaganaLocation: 0100 Chapparel, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $234,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Jeremy Dean Henderson and Laura Dawn HendersonBuyer: Susan M. Murphy and Pamela L. FletcherLocation: 0018 Los Adobes, CarbondalePrice: $510,000Date: June 1, 2004Seller: William A. Toney and Alice C. PendletonBuyer: Tong Luu and Carl George LinesLocation: Lot 13, Crystal Village PUD, Filing No. 3, a resubdivision of Lots 2-7, TBD W. Main St., CarbondalePrice: $365,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Melissa Chandler aka Melissa Chandler CookBuyer: Gregory P. SaskiewiczLocation: 608 Bridgewater, CarbondalePrice: $200,700Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Kelly J. Diaz and Brian A. DiazBuyer: Brain DiazLocation: 2401 Acacia, RiflePrice: $0Date: May 24, 2004Seller: Judy SpasserBuyer: Lori E. Mentink and Ryan MentinkLocation: 129 Home Ave., SiltPrice: $245,100Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Jevne Edwards CrainBuyer: Craig Skramstad and Jacqueline SkramstadLocation: 1215 Riverview Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $335,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Walter Scott Finnell Jr.Buyer: Steven M. Young and Roberta Ann YoungLocation: 214 Sagemont Circle, ParachutePrice: $179,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Cecil Philpott and Mae Belle PhilpottBuyer: Larry S. Axthelm and Dianne E. AxthelmLocation: 4395 County Road 233, RiflePrice: $287,000Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Gary E. HopkinsBuyer: Lindsay M. Hentschel and Hadley HentschelLocation: 34 Maroon Drive, CarbondalePrice: $268,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: D. Sean Moody and Amanda Yule MoodyBuyer: Rick L. Barth and Andrea K. BarthLocation: 60 Ptarmigan Road, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $360,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: JDC LLCBuyer: Kevin DavidsonLocation: 2618 Shawnee Court, RiflePrice: $197,200Date: June 1, 2004Seller: James W. Light and Dianne G. LightBuyer: Stan KornasiewiczLocation: 4120 Sky Ranch Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $110,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Klomhaus & Waller Inc.Buyer: Ann KoveleskiLocation: 344 S. 9th, RiflePrice: $146,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Treybonney Investments LLLPBuyer: Family Visitor Programs of Garfield County Inc.Location: 401 23rd St., Suite 206, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $165,000Date: June 1, 2004Seller: George Lines and James WellsBuyer: Carl George LinesLocation: 58 Crystal Canyon, CarbondalePrice: $0Date: May 24, 2004Seller: Tim A. FinleyBuyer: J.M. KnightLocation: 909 Cowen Drive, CarbondalePrice: $261,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Derek E. WinterBuyer: Catherine M. HerrmannLocation: 0062 Dakota Meadows Drive, CarbondalePrice: $255,000Date: May 26, 2004Seller: Ron A. Radomski and Laurie D. RadomskiBuyer: Leon KuhnLocation: 1549 E. 12th St., RiflePrice: $261,500Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Todd M. ScrantonBuyer: Todd M. Scranton and Jeannette E. ScrantonLocation: 8 Aspen Court, ParachutePrice: $0Date: May 21, 2004Seller: Sandra L. Patti SansomBuyer: Brian Lee Koch and Nicole Gennett KochLocation: 3744 County Road 237, SiltPrice: $316,000Date: June 3, 2004Seller: Edna C. & Ralph R. Sample Living TrustBuyer: Sterco Leasing LLCLocation: 3901 County Road 241, New CastlePrice: $1,200,000Date: June 2, 2004Seller: Red Horse Oil Co. Inc.Buyer: C.R. Commercial Properties Inc.Location: tract in T6S, R92W, NE1⁄4 Sec. 10, TBD Frontage Road, SiltPrice: $1,267,500Date: June 1, 2004Seller: John P. Cardinale and Janice M. CardinaleBuyer: Gilstrap International LLCLocation: Lot 1, Hunt Exemption Plat, SiltPrice: $139,000Date: June 2, 2004Seller: Rick L. Barth and Andrea K. BarthBuyer: Sandra K. GiffenLocation: 1116 Westlook Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $294,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Gary A. KramerBuyer: Danny Steven HughesLocation: 0268 Meadowood, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $415,000Date: May 25, 2004Seller: Lloyd G. Moore and Rita Jane MooreBuyer: David Kaso and Maria KasoLocation: Lot M-13, Midland Point, CarbondalePrice: $167,000Date: June 1, 2004Seller: Reymundo Nevarez and Stacey J. NevarezBuyer: Catalina RuelasLocation: 746 Burning Mountain, New CastlePrice: $159,000Date: May 28, 2004Seller: Lois K. NaftBuyer: Scott Smith and Liesa SmithLocation: 2404 West Ave., RiflePrice: $320,000Date: June 2, 2004Seller: Crystal River Limited PartnershipBuyer: Wayne C. Cassetty and Glenda H. CassettyLocation: 4036 Crystal Bridge Drive, CarbondalePrice: $160,000Date: June 2, 2004Seller: Connie L. Peterson and Barbara SalomonBuyer: Donna L. BrownLocation: 10114 Crystal Canyon, CarbondalePrice: $195,000Date: June 1, 2004Seller: James K. Fleming and Jennifer Lorraine AndersonBuyer: Michael Cassetty and Tami J. CassettyLocation: 70 Ferguson Drive, CarbondalePrice: $470,000Date: May 27, 2004Seller: Jason C. BirminghamBuyer: Seth PetersLocation: 5201 Sunset Court, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $168,000Date: June 2, 2004

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