Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Ronald J. RogersBuyer: Ron Rogers-Trustee, Lisa Specht-Trustee, Ron Rogers and Lisa Specht Living TrustAddress: parcel in section 24, Township 7 South, Range 92 West, south of RiflePrice: none listedDate: June 30, 2006Seller: W.F. CloughBuyer: Danny Lee Snyder and Lori Cheri SnyderAddress: parcel in sections 7 & 8, Township 6 South, Range 93 West, near RiflePrice: $1,200Date: July 11, 2006Seller: Specialty Taverns Inc., A Nevada Corp.Buyer: Bill Barrett Corp.Address: parcel in sections 17 & 18, Township 6 South, Range 92 West, between Silt and RiflePrice: $328,590Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Edward H. Collum and Cynthia ChardonnayBuyer: Sondra T. Welles and Peter S. WellesAddress: parcel in section 25, Township 7 South, Range 88 West, south of Glenwood SpringsPrice: $1,395,000Date: July 14, 2006Seller: Alpine BankBuyer: CL Design & Construction LLCAddress: parcel in section 4, Township 7 South, Range 87 West, CarbondalePrice: $825,000Date: July 19, 2006Seller: Brooks Tessier and Amy TessierBuyer: Michael Henry PalmerAddress: parcel in section 23, Township 7 South, Range 96 West, in the Grand ValleyPrice: $282,500Date: July 21, 2006Seller: Janey Ruth Jewell Elder, also known as Janey Ruth ElderBuyer: Big Moutnain Ranch LLCAddress: parcel in sections 13 & 14, Township 3 South, Range 94 West, north of RiflePrice: $500,000Date: June 28, 2006Seller: General Property Mtg Inc.Buyer: Kane Real Estate & Development LLLPAddress: parcel in sections 35 & 36, Township 7 South, Range 88 West, CarbondalePrice: $650,000Date: July 25, 2006Seller: Gwendolyn Grace ManciniBuyer: Heather Arbaney and Buster ArbaneyAddress: 125 Garfield Ave., CarbondalePrice: $345,000Date: July 28, 2006Seller: Circle 3 Resources LLC, A Florida Limited Liability Co.Buyer: Williams Production Rmt. Co.Address: 1191 County Road 329, RiflePrice: none listedDate: July 28, 2006Seller: Linda HarlemBuyer: Robert H. Jacobson and Kay A. JacobsonAddress: Ranch at Roaring Fork, Phase 4, Filing 2, Lot 33, CarbondalePrice: $625,000Date: July 27, 2006Seller: Peter B. Lewis-Trustee, Peter B. Lewis TrustBuyer: Todd D. AndersonAddress: Victorians at Roaring Fork Village, Lot F-2, CarbondalePrice: $350,000Date: July 26, 2006Seller: Clarence O. BrownBuyer: Clarence O. Brown and Katherine M. BrownAddress: 111 Cedar Circle, ParachutePrice: none listedDate: July 26, 2006Seller: Jim E. Luginbuhl-Individually and as Attorney in Fact for Paul B. LuginbuhlBuyer: Gumaro Ruiz and Dagmar RuizAddress: Native Springs Subdivision, Lot 5, RiflePrice: $199,900Date: August 1, 2006Seller: Skip NaftBuyer: Allison O. Burke and John B. BurkeAddress: 93 Meadow Wood Dr., #C-3, CarbondalePrice: $172,000Date: July 31, 2006Seller: LB Rose Ranch LLCBuyer: Ironbridge Homes LLCAddress: 0191 Silver Mountain Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $63,336Date: July 27, 2006Seller: Ironbridge Homes LLCBuyer: Alan GibsonAddress: 0191 Silver Mountain Drive, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $281,414Date: July 27, 2006Seller: Catherine A. Craig- Co-Trustee and Linda S. Mueller- Co-Trustee, Martha A. Craig TrustBuyer: Arthur J. Person and Sandra L. PersonAddress: 95 Wildwood Lane, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $435,000Date: July 31, 2006Seller: LB Rose Ranch LLCBuyer: Ironbridge Mountain Cottages LLCAddress: 0292 Red Bluff Vista, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $50,960Date: July 28, 2006Seller: Ironbridge Mountain Cottages LLCBuyer: John Eaton Revocable TrustAddress: 0292 Red Bluff Vista, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $148,422Date: July 28, 2006Seller: Agenda West Real Estate Holdings LLC, Michelle Marlow, and Constance H. BakerBuyer: 67 N. Third Street LLCAddress: 67 N. Third St., CarbondalePrice: $812,500Date: July 31, 2006

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