Red Feather campaign is burying voters

Sharon Andersen

Dear Editor,

One of the first things that Midfirst Bank did when they took over the Red Feather Ridge development was to bulldoze the old barn and root cellar that were on the property, removing any link to the past and depleting the entire development of any local character. And that has been the methodology ever since.

The proposal to increase the number of lots from 58 to 149 was bulldozed through the City Council in spite of overwhelming public objection.

There is now a massive publicity campaign designed to bury the citizens of Glenwood Springs with information that just isn’t quite all there.

What is the city to do with land that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop into parks and a cemetery – that is, if the land can even be used for those purposes?

Not MidFirst’s problem. They will sell their lots as quickly as possible, pack up their bulldozers and head someplace else. Glenwood will be left holding the bag and the bills for Red Feather’s supposed benefits.

The developer has stated that if MidFirst had known what Glenwood Springs was like, they would not have touched the development. Does this give you a clue as to how much they have the good of Glenwood Springs at heart? Don’t let them bulldoze us under with promises for which we will bear the cost, not them. Vote “no” on Red Feather Ridge.


Sharon Andersen

Glenwood Springs

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