Red Feather could solve transit, worker housing shortfalls |

Red Feather could solve transit, worker housing shortfalls

Dear Editor,

Among the misleading statements in the Red Feather Ridge debate are several on transportation and mobility.

Opponents say that the project’s effects on traffic will be terrible. Certainly, new development generates movement, most often in the form of car trips, but not necessarily in the way they depict.

No-vote campaign literature asserts that the new roundabout now being constructed at the bottom of Four Mile Road is needed only because of Red Feather Ridge. In fact, that ingenious and efficient design was approved nearly two years ago for many good reasons and long before RFR was even proposed.

Traffic is already heavy at that intersection because of the impracticality of providing transit service to the low density land use already profligate along that Four Mile Road. Everyone who lives there must drive everywhere they go.

Promoting additional scattered, inefficient development ensures that cars will always dominate that corridor.

One no-vote letter outlined vehicle numbers and air pollutants that supposedly would result if the project proceeds, inferring that such vehicles and pollution will disappear if only everyone will vote “no.” That inference is silly.

Fifty-four percent of Glenwood Springs workers do not live in Glenwood Springs, in large part because sufficient housing is not available here. A handful of expensive homes at Red Feather Ridge will not help that situation.

The vehicle miles traveled, congestion, and pollution resulting from more workers driving here every day from out of town will far outdistance any that might result from an efficient, diverse, high-density, transit-served Red Feather Ridge neighborhood.

Steve Smith


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