Red Feather gifts will end up costing taxpayers |

Red Feather gifts will end up costing taxpayers

Jackie Durrett

Dear Editor,

The developer of Red Feather Ridge has attempted to extol the virtues of his proposed 149-unit development on Four Mile Road, seeking the approval of voters in the upcoming election. One of his methods has been to outline all the “gifts” to the city as a result of the development. Are these gifts or are they graft, a dishonest attempt to make money, which will cost taxpayers dearly in the end?

The “gifts” of the proposed cemetery and ballfields were already designated “open space” on the original plan. With the flourish of fresh ink they have suddenly taken an exalted status. In fact, the cemetery is located in a gully. Will the families of the deceased be obligated to install concrete grave liners or watch their loved ones migrate towards the river in time of flooding? The “ballfields” will have to be constructed and maintained with taxpayers’ money.

Affordable housing is another “gift,” with prices from $115,000 to $210,000. What type of single family home can be built in our area for $115,000? (Poorly constructed and quick to deteriorate?) Is $210,000 affordable to single-income families?

The final “gift” is the $400,000 designated for traffic mitigation. This is just a fraction of the cost to reconstruct the intersection at the base of Four Mile Road. It doesn’t begin to address the prolonged costs of maintaining Midland Avenue and the Sunlight Bridge.

Do not be fooled by the man bearing “gifts” for our city. These gifts are going to cost us plenty! Vote “No” on Red Feather Ridge.

Jackie Durrett

Glenwood Springs

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