Red Feather: not in our backyard |

Red Feather: not in our backyard

Mike Simpson

Dear Editor,

It is not surprising that Guy Harrell, developer of Red Feather Ridge, jumped on the “NIMBY” bandwagon when describing the citizen opposition to his Red Feather Ridge development. His comments represent a lame, last-ditch effort to discredit the worthiness of the opposition voice.

I prefer the acronym NIOBY (Not In Our BackYard). I must admit it, I’m a NIOBY.

I, like most people that call Glenwood Springs home, do consider Sunlight and the Four Mile corridor “our back yard.”

I do not want more traffic, 149 more houses adjacent to the city along Four Mile, monetary and infrastructure impacts to the city, a loss of quality of life and this approval to open the floodgate for further development up Four Mile.

I feel that Mr. Harrell has duped four members of the City Council with “fuzzy” math, outlandish traffic calculations, questionable open space areas, a topographically undesirable location for a cemetery and cash. It is not unreasonable to protect our back yard.

I’m disappointed that Mr. Harrell felt compelled to identify that the president of CVRG (Community Voices for Responsible Growth) lives in a “million dollar house.” It is juvenile to engage in such meaningless rhetoric. In my opinion, Mr. Harrell’s sophomoric rants only confirm how he wants to conduct business in Glenwood Springs.

Prove Mr. Harrell right; show him that you do care what happens in OUR “back yard,” vote “No” on Red Feather Ridge.


Mike Simpson

Glenwood Springs

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