Red Feather plan is urban sprawl

Emil and Patricia Cima

Dear Editor,

In a recent ad, the pro-Red Feather Ridge forces (AKA MidFirst Bank) are playing with words again.

They define urban sprawl in a manner that fits their needs then try to tell us they are in favor of controlling it by having their project approved by the voters.

If one looks at Webster’s College Dictionary, urban is defined as “of, pertaining to, or comprising a city; characteristic of cities; citified” and sprawl is defined as “to be spread out awkwardly; to spread out or be distributed irregularly.”

Putting these two definitions together, one comes up with a far more widely accepted meaning of urban sprawl; that is, a spread of high density, city-type development into surrounding suburban or rural areas. Perhaps MidFirst Bank should consult Webster.

Furthermore, the ads continually state that if the city plan is rejected by the voters, there will be “no control” over the development.

The fact that the county commissioners have limited the development of Red Feather Ridge to 57 homes shows a great deal of concern and control on their part. It further shows their strong desire to maintain the current rural atmosphere which is consistent with past development on Four Mile Road. Even the county does not appear to want high density urban sprawl in that area.

Stop the MidFirst Bank bail-out. Stop Urban Sprawl. Vote “no” on Red Feather Ridge.

Emil and Patricia Cima

Glenwood Springs

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