Red Mountain Trail Race results |

Red Mountain Trail Race results

Mike Schneiter Contributed photoGlenwood Springs High School's Eve McRaith, Ingrid Dwyer and Leah Scholl race in the high school varsity portion of Saturday's Red Mountain Trail Race.

Held Saturday, Aug. 25, at Wulfsohn Mountain Park trails1. Brian Passenti, M 30s, 27:542. James Marr, M 40s, 28:543. Eddie Aispuro, M 30s, 29:504. Mark Bauer, M 30s, 30:005. Mitch Foss, M 30s, 30:526. John Stroud, M 40s, 31:087. Chris Spence, M 40s, 31:558. Candelario DeLuera, M 50s, 32:149. Elinor Fish, F 30s, 33:4210. Charles DeFord, M 30s, 33:5111. James Parker, M 40s, 34:4112. Andy Wiley, M 19&U, 36:1413. Scott Nykerk, M 40s, 36:1614. Andrea Arnhold, F 30s, 37:0915. Luke Nutting, M 20s, 37:3016. Dylan Lewis, M 30s, 38:1317. Tiffany Lindenberg, F 40s, 38:3218. Justin Thompson, M 19&U, 38:3319. Chris Tonozzi, M 50s, 39:3820. Helen McQueeney, F 60s, 40:1421. Resa Hayes, F 40s, 40:3022. Laura Bahr, F 30s, 40:5623. Merne Dragonette, F 50s, 42:2324. Heather McDermott, F 30s, 42:3625. Mike Scott, M 50s, 43:2126. Amy Treese, F 50s, 44:0227. Nancy Reinisch, F 50s, 47:3028. Ashy Ditlow, F 20s, 41:4229. Alice Bedard-Voorhees, F 60s, 56:0430. Rocket Voorhees, M 50s, 56:4931. Bob Albright, M 70s, 1:03:24

1. Bob Willey, M 60s, 27:492. Mike Gamba, M 40s, 28:213. Joe Mollica, M 50s, 30:394. Brit DeFord, F 30s, 30:515. Jennifer Vandyke, F 30s, 32:276. Lisa Jones, F 50s, 34:097. Lori Pohm, F 50s, 37:138. Bob Thorsen, M 50s, 37:289. Amanda Ingle, F 30s, 42:41

Varsity mixed 5,000-meter run1. Jake Statler, M, Rifle, 20:19.492. John Coombs, M, Rifle, 20:46.093. Kai Steinwinder, M, Rifle, 21:20.374. Wyatt Till, M, Glenwood Springs, 21:58.835. Hector Barron, M, Glenwood Springs, 21:59.286. Vinny Marr, M, Glenwood Springs, 22:49.457. Brendan Wagler, M, Rifle, 22:50.868. Drew Dudley, M, Glenwood Springs, 23:36.259. Zach Marshall, M, Glenwood Springs, 23:38.5110. Zeb Thorsen, M, Glenwood Springs, 23:45.4811. Erick Mendez, M, Rifle, 23:52.9712. Colby Renni, M, Rifle, 24:03.9713. Madi Spence, F, Glenwood Springs, 24:17.5914. Alphonse Fischer, M, Glenwood Springs, 25:56.2715. Courtney Lippman, F, Glenwood Springs, 26:18.5516. Warren Knutson, M, Glenwood Springs, 26:26.5617. Rebecca Rembold, F, Glenwood Springs, 27:10.6618. Deatra Jones-Dixon, F, Glenwood Springs, 27:11.1519. Kelly Coombs, F, Rifle, 27:12.2720. Lily Thorsen, F, Glenwood Springs, 27:47.3421. Tess Ebert, F, Glenwood Springs, 28:03.4622. Sara Fleming, F, Glenwood Springs, 28:05.1423. Ben Neiley, M, Glenwood Springs, 28:22.1224. Kyle Davis, M, Glenwood Springs, 28:29.7525. Leo Tonozzi, M, Glenwood Springs, 29:00.9826. Hannah Stinson, F, Glenwood Springs, 29:04.2627. Grace Gamba, F, Glenwood Springs, 29:34.1628. Griffen Rowe-Gaddis, M, Glenwood Springs, 29:49.3629. Stefan Buxman, M, Glenwood Springs, 29:52.4630. Brenda DeLuera, F, Rifle, 30:00.1331. Hannah Nilsson, F, Glenwood Springs, 30:56.2632. Sadie Dickinson, F, Glenwood Springs, 31:14.0733. Kathya Gonzalez, F, Glenwood Springs, 31:19.5934. Carly Setterberg, F, Glenwood Springs, 31:24.2735. Melissa Thrun, F, Glenwood Springs, 31:29.8936. Sofia Gamba, F, Glenwood Springs, 31:37.4037. Eve McRaith, F, Glenwood Springs, 32:20.4538. Ingrid Dwyer, F, Glenwood Springs, 32:21.1239. Leah Scholl, F, Glenwood Springs, 32:21.8940. Olivia Hayes, Glenwood Springs, 34:19.1141. Grace Gaugler, F, Glenwood Springs, 36:18.8442. Kyla Rattin, F, Glenwood Springs, 36:20.10

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