Reject urban development at Red Feather Ridge

Carl Tharp

Dear Editor,

So, I just received three more slick, multi-colored mailings from a group of neighbors. This is the second pile of slick multicolored mailings I have received from these “neighbors.”

I wanted to reply face-to-face with my “neighbors” regarding these unwanted and largely misleading documents, but I don’t have a clue who these guys are. I will, therefore, submit this response to their propaganda publicly.

The homes that will be developed at Red Feather Ridge, as it is currently approved by Garfield County, will probably be in the value and design range of the existing homes in the Four Mile corridor; 57, not 149, homes appropriate to the nature of our rural surroundings.

I find the negative statement regarding “rich out-of-towners” being the purchasers of the county-approved lots really bizarre, since it is precisely that group (Mid-First Bank of Oklahoma) that stands to profit from this proposal. It’s OK for “rich out-of-towners” to develop, but not buy?

We are a community of neighbors and friends, who have chosen to live in a setting that is rural in nature. Please do not offer us urban development, with the false promise of greater good for our community.

Mid-First Bank loaned money to a poor-risk developer. (Lester Colodny was recently sentenced to jail time and fines due to his shady practices.)

The consequences of Mid-First’s mistake should not detract from quality of our lives.

Please neighbors, vote “no” on Red Feather Ridge.


Carl Tharp

Glenwood Springs

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