Remember Prehm Ranch decision at next election |

Remember Prehm Ranch decision at next election

Dear Editor,

Sitting through the hearing at the Garfield County Commissioners regarding the Prehm Ranch and Westbank property owners last Monday was a humbling experience for me. It suggests that two hired lawyers have more power to corrupt the community than the rest of the county taxpayers combined.

As the meeting was winding to a close, I sensed that someone from the past was incensed by the conclusion and had joined the crowd. Sure enough, it was Doc Holliday. As he threw an arm around John Martin’s shoulders, he suggested John was one of the few men left in county government, as he flicked a disdainful thumb toward Stowe and McCown. I guess the moral is, if you’ve got money, then anything is acceptable

The naive Westbank home owners didn’t seem to recognize that their lawyer was also their employee who shouldn’t have run the show, and could be discharged for cause. So, they let him jerk them around, and maybe even team up with the opposition.

It would appear that the Prehm Ranch deliberately frightened the Westbank property owners in order to secure direct access to the Westbank golf course, without making any financial contributions to the costly construction of the developing course.

The forced access across Westbank land with an allowance of 27 cars a day is frightening in itself, because there is no recourse if the private traffic exceeds the allotted 27 cars, except in court, at the expense of the innocent Westbank property owners.

The two County Commissioners, Walt Stowe and Larry McCown, must certainly have broken a law when they reversed their first two votes when the Prehm Ranch demanded it.

It behooves us all to remember these two commissioners when election time rolls around. I don’t think we need them again.

Sincerely yours,

R.T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

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